Sunday, June 8, 2008

What's In a Name?

When I named all three of my children, I researched their names. Not hard mind you, but I did look into their meanings none the less. My oldest was given a Hebrew name. She was really named by Hall and Oates. I always had a thing for them and named her after one of their songs. According to wiki, her name indicates a woman of high rank, and is sometimes translated as "princess" or goddess, or "high holy one". I didn't know it at the time, but she was really well named. I don't think she'd disagree.

My son's name means strong and is of Celtic origin. My youngest daughter's name is also Hebrew and means, lamb of God. If that isn't a prescient accomplishment in naming someone, I don't know what is. At least I was more original than George Foreman who named 6 of his 10 children some variation of George.

My sister and I were named on the spot at the hospital and under duress. She was named after a famous movie starlet and I was named after my father's favorite book in the bible. My father put his foot down when it came to his mother in law for it seems she wanted both of her granddaughters to be named after her side of the family (Belgian.) We would have been Irma or Matilda if he hadn't named us first (not that there is anything wrong with those names-I just don't think he wanted daily reminders of his MIL.)

This naming business has been on my mind since yesterday. It's come to my attention that my new boss over at hospice told everyone at a staff meeting that Lucy from the ICU I work in would be the newest member of their staff. Now, I know most of these colleagues from frequent run-ins at work. It shouldn't come as a surprise that ICU's utilize hospice. A lot. My new coworkers were perplexed because they didn't know any nurses from my hospital named Lucy. When the error came to light, these women made a solemn oath to call me Lucy from that point on.

Since this is my new name, what does it mean? According to my source (thanks wiki), it's Latin and means light. I like that. Is that as in I've seen the light? I really like it.

St. Lucy is the patron saint of eye conditions. Just last week, I bought a new pair of readers and two pair of sunglasses, one an Rx and one plain. How fitting. This picture is a bit freakish with the eyeball thing going on.

Here are some other famous women named Lucy (I may be in good company here):

Lucille Ball

Lucy Liu

Lucy Lawless

Lucy van Pelt

Lucy Burns (she was a suffragette and we probably owe her our gratitude.)

I knew that in taking this new job, I was in for some badly needed changes. I'm embracing them all, including the new name. By the way, Lucille Ball was a stunningly beautiful woman in a way I Love Lucy never really showcased.


WT said...

My parents did what every catholic parent in 50's Australia did. They picked an apostle.

Rudee said...

We have no apostles in our family.

WT said...

We've got three in mine.

Rudee said...

We have mostly old testament names in our tribe. If I explored the Belgian side more, I'm sure I'd find the apostles.

Anonymous said...

Luceee, wheres Ethel!


Anonymous said...

Funny thing, the 1st 2 Lucys I thought of when you mentioned the name change were Lucille Ball (red hair) & Lucy Van Pelt ("medical"). :0)

Well, my middle name came about due to my parent's reference to Taiwan... and I've often been told that my Chinese Name sounds like a boy's name... LOL ;-)

My baby brother's name apparently sounds more like a girl's name... LOL....

My sister's in the middle and she's never had any comments about her middle (Chinese) name...

The funnier thing is that I hated Home Ec in Junior High, and got all As in Shop (one of 2 girls in shop). My baby brother, on the other hand, got As in Home Economics (required by all by the time he got to Middle School) and didn't do so well in Shop class.... So, there is something to be said for names!

Cheers! ;)

Rudee said...

And here we have one of the non-apostles speaking up. FYI, Ethel's with Fred......

Rudee said...

Pink: only my hair was pink and it took HOURS to process out. I won't be doing pink hair for this year's 3 Day. Besides, working as a nurse, my 3 Day patient's may think I don't take my nursing seriously if I present with bubblegum pink hair.

Is the home ec brother the one who is a pulmonologist? LOL Those As in home ec ought to come in handy in an ICU. He can make the coffee for the nurses rather than the other way around! LOL

Mrs. G. said...

You are right. I had now idea what a babe Lucille Ball was. Look at those gorgeous shoulders.

I like Lucy.

Anonymous said...

A-HEM....It seems you have forgotten to mention somebody here...I will give you a hint. In latin my name means LEADER....I enjoy long walks on the beach, and an occasional Rump Roast during the holidays. My characteristics are as follows: (according to wiki that is) dark, shiny black coat, handsome face, and unusual desire to sniff butts.

Sincerely yours,
_ _ _ _-alicious.

Rudee said...

I didn't notice the shoulders, but you're right Mrs. G.

Sorry Dukeaclicious. I didn't mean to leave you out. I'll get you some treats today to make up for it.