Tuesday, June 24, 2008

News From the Front Lines

Aha. Just when you thought you'd heard the end of Sock Wars, here I come with an update. An unsatisfactory end to the game was announced. A winner was selected from the remaining 300 assassins by picking a postcard from a pile. Tongues have been wagging on the Sock Wars site on Ravelry. I care not. I'm dead.

Those socks I started still have a life of their own. They are now done and in transit to the target. I hope you are reading this SoCalLadyR. Well, actually, I hope you read this when you get home from your trip. No matter how fabulous these socks are, they can't compare to what you are doing right now. So enjoy them then. Thank you Knitsatia for doing such a great job finishing these socks. I couldn't have done it better and I certainly could not have done it faster than you.


Rositta said...

I think I read somewhere that there were only 111 cards received, I wonder what happened to the rest of them. I thought that the time to send cards to Ireland from all over the world was way too short and how it ended, well nuff said...ciao

Rudee said...

I agree. So smack me up side my head when I tell you I want to do this again.