Thursday, June 12, 2008

Accidents Happen

Before my morning coffee today, my multitalented and always multitasking best friend fell off her porch. She called me while her boyfriend was driving her to the ER. She told me she had lost consciousness and had been vomiting. Far be it from her to call 911 after such a tumble. This is exactly who should be calling for emergency services. Hello! Head Injury? Time is Brain?????. I can't begin to tell you how many 20 year olds go to the ER by ambulance for menstrual cramps. Not my friend though. She is testardo which is Italian for STUBBORN.

She waited for her pony express rescue squad to get to her. Her rescuers had been notified by smoke signals. Really. The girl she had been talking to when she fell, called my friend's boyfriend who lives several miles away. He was still in bed as was my BF's son-so they called his cell phone to wake him up so he could help his mother who was in agony and only 20 feet away from him. Sheesh. When she called me she was on her way to the ER saying stupid stuff-like half assed good byes, so I got scared and got my ass over there.

When I got to the ER, she was in CT so I waited (and waited) and thanked the heavens I'd taken my knitting with me. Iris will be happy to know that my first square for her 3 Day blanket is done. I had no idea what I'd see when she came back from xray. I took comfort in the fact that her monitor was in the room and that although in a trauma room, she hadn't been in a BIG trauma room. I saw no blood on the floor and no trash cans overflowing or other signs that a terribly unstable patient had inhabited this room. So, I patiently waited.

While knitting, I couldn't help notice all the people (visitors) wandering the halls and looking into all the exam rooms as though the patients lying on gurneys were animal exhibits at the zoo. This is a pet peeve of mine. If it isn't your loved one, please don't stare. Don't look, just think tunnel vision.

Call me next time Fanny, I'll rescue you.

Anyways, MBF is only slightly the worse for wear. Jesus she is good for at least one scary frigging event every couple of years. I hope she is done for awhile now. You hear that Fanny? At the end of the morning, we knew she had failed her bone density test as evidenced by her fractured humerus which isn't so funny to break. She had a soft cast applied. She has a honking huge hematoma on her forehead and tends to bruise badly. She should be many shades of purple later on. No fracture, no bleed in her brain and more importantly, she has her wits about her and was shmoozing everyone. Thank God. Thats my BFF I know and love so well.


WT said...

That is such a cool looking ambulance!

Rudee said...

I think it's the grill wt.

Rositta said...

Okay, I actually had to go to a acronym definition page to find out what the heck bff means, wow am I dumb or what. Anyway, glad to hear it all worked out and she's fine...ciao

Rudee said...

Nah Rositta, you aren't dumb. I'm sure you have and are a BFF! She is home and doing well. Incidently, she broke the right arm and sprained her left wrist. Awful.