Monday, January 21, 2013

Careful what you pray for

Someone in my family had good news this week.  After a two year search, and a gazillion interviews, our son has landed the job of his dreams.  In southern California. I know.  I'm sad.

A road trip is called for!  By February 1st, we will pack what's reasonable to carry into a Ford Focus--after the golf clubs, that won't be much--and we'll head first south, and then west.  I hope he packs hankies. I don't think we can handle the more direct route through the mountains in the heart of winter, so we'll follow the trail of The Mother Road.  Route 66. I'm already looking for diners along the route that we simply can't miss, and landmarks we shouldn't.

I can't quite believe I'm doing another cross country trip by car in less than 6 months.  At least I get to fly home at the end of this one. Though I'm sure I won't want to leave him there.

Oh, hell.  I can't think about that...

Nope.  Can't go there yet.  I'd rather focus on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and an amazing soundtrack.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

When life isn't fair

Of all the things one can catch, I can think of many that are better than what I caught this week.  I mean catching fireflies is fun, so is catching the right mate. Catching your plane on time can take you away to places exotic, warm and beautiful.

Catching the flu?  Not so great.

Despite my best efforts at avoidance, like getting vaccinated, eating well, being clean and washing my hands all of the time, I have contracted influenza.  Everything hurts, including my hair follicles and I have a persistent fever that despite taking ibuprofen in prescription strength, hasn't budged from 101 degrees.  I am the third person in my home who has been brought low by the flu, even though we all had our vaccines.  I'm sure we're dealing with a strain that wasn't in the shot.  We were each one miserable.

This all started Thursday and it's not too late for me to get Tamiflu...if I could only stand upright long enough to get up, get dressed, go to urgent care and let someone stick a swab down my nose.  Dying sounds preferable to all of that.

What a miserable little virus!