Sunday, June 29, 2008


I've come to the last bit of the afghan from hell and I'm stumped.  I'm almost out of the merino boucle and mohair loop.  I need to save some of each to do the fringe.  However, I don't think it's wide enough.  Not for two to cuddle together.  That's kind of how I picture this fabulous blankie being used on a cold winter's night.

So, do I knit to the bitter end and use only 2 yarns to fringe with or do I stop now while I still have enough to make fringe from all of the yarns?  It's frustrating to get this far and not know how I want to finish.  I'm also having a tough time saying goodbye to this yarn.  It's been so wonderful to work with and when I'm done, it's going to live in a new home.  Of course, it's a home I go to quite frequently so at least I'll have visitation rights.

It seems I've been working on this forever.  In truth, I only started in earnest in April.  Most of the time, it sat in a bag in my living room while I knit a sweater (still not done), scarves, hats, fingerless gloves and competed in Sock Wars III.

It's officially time to say adios to this rather warm and smooshy item.  Maybe 2 more pattern repeats then a nice little bath.  For the blankie, not me.  The Panopticon did a great little post on how and why we block.  Like swatching, it's something I always do.  The instructions say this will block out about 10-15 % larger so that should help my final measurements.  This piece calls for blocking with a steam iron and pressing cloth.  Since it's been all over the place, I'm going to give it a bath in Soak and then pin it to place on my high tech blocking board which doubles as my antique dining room table.  Don't worry, I'll put the pads on the table first.


danielle said...

how about adding something totally different into the fringe - and that way you can conserve some of the yarn that you would have used for fringe. does it absolutely need fringe? fringe looks great in the beginning but eventually can tend to get a bit frazzled looking...

Rudee said...

I think I will knit until the boucle and mohair run out. I thought I'd finish last night but ran out of gas. I'm going to do the fringe in the BFL and secret yarn. Thanks for your input Danielle.