Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rudee Lite

I've come down with a curious ailment. It seems I have acquired Short Timer's Syndrome. This problem began when I submitted my resignation at work 2 weeks ago. Symptoms include an unusual lightness of being and a smile that can't be wiped from my face. No matter what work throws at me, I'm down to my last two shifts on this incredibly heavy unit and I'm enjoying my ailment immensely.

Saturday is my last day as an ICU nurse. I've pretty much cleaned out my locker and just have my mailbox to clear out. I've given away a few things and I've bequeathed my locker and lock to the lovely new nurse I've been orienting.

The past seven years is the longest I've stayed in one nursing position without getting bored and feeling driven to move on. This ability to move to a different job and still do what one excels at is the beauty of nursing. I'll miss aspects of this job and I'll miss the friendships I've made, but I am ready. And I'm feeling lite, lite, lite.

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