Thursday, May 15, 2008

Watch Out for The Killers

I gained quite a bit of ground and should finish Pixiedust's Socks. This one's for you Ruth. I'm going to kill her and then I'll take her socks and finish you off too. It's only fitting that it end like this for you. I'm off to bed now to sleep fast for ACLS tomorrow.

Never quite studied for ACLS with my laptop, the AHA ACLS disk playing and me knitting socks. I don't know how I managed to keep the pattern straight (or my version of the cryptic pattern), but I did.

Have a great day. This song (by The Killers) is for Ms. MIA Pixiedust. Bang-bang.

Update:  It is 5:00PM EDT and I am ALIVE!  I am 10 rows from doing a kitchener stitch on these puppies then off to ship first thing in the morning.  Take care there Pixiedust for your demise is close.  Very close.  And even though I know how, I'll not resuscitate you!  I had fun entertaining my ACLS classmates with my mad knitting.  They insisted there be pictures.  There are.  I'll post them later.  I bet I'm the first knitter in Sock Wars with socks pictured in an ACLS Megacode!  There is a first for everything.  Right now, I'm off to eat yummy Italian food.

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