Monday, May 19, 2008

I Got You My Pretty....

It seems I'm waiting now in a sort of limbo on more fronts than one.  There is no news in respect to last night's post but I'll know soon enough.  I'm rather philosophical about the whole thing.  If it's meant to be, it'll happen.  I worry too about that old adage about being careful what you wish for, it tends to bite one in the ass more often than not.  Still, I'm ready and I think my interview went incredibly well.  We'll see.  

On another front, I've cast on a new pair of socks.  For me.  I'm waiting for Pixiedust to send me the socks she is making for her own target who is now my new target while I wait for my assassin to put me out of this battle.  Damn.  Hurry up Patty.  I can't start from scratch on my new target and must use the ones Pixie has made or I hope she's at least started.  A new Pixie was posted on the dead warrior site and I think it's her.  I can't tell though since she didn't make any other items public like her town, or surname.  Nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.  I am so not feeling satisfied here. Even a message like damn, these socks suck would have been better than nothing.  OK, I take that back.  No it wouldn't-but a little something would put my mind at ease.  I keep forgetting myself though.  She's dead. 

To alleviate my boredom and further my skill at procrastination (I still have to finish my sister's gift and that pink sweater), I went fishing in the yarn hoard supply and caught an already wound up ball of Dream in Color's Smooshy in Chinatown Apple.  I've cast on and knit the cuff and part of the first sequence in the gorgeous Terra Incognito pattern by Pink Lemon Twist.  So far, it's fun, complicated, lacy and twisted, but at least the pattern appears error free and makes complete sense.  The yarn is a pleasure to work with and for sure, I'll buy more.

This pair I cast on solely on the 2 circular needles and plan to do them start to finish in this way.  The needles I used for Sock Wars were both dpns and circs.  This time, only circs.  Next time, 2 socks at a time on one circ, I just need longer cables for the circs.  If you think this hobby of mine is inexpensive, think again.  A pair of Addi Turbos will set you back a pretty penny-as will hoarding yarn.  Shhh.  Don't tell my husband.  Or my kids.

When my Mom passed away, all of us kids were shocked at the amount of lottery tickets we found in the house.  Hundreds and hundreds.  I don't want my children to be annoyed with me when I'm gone, or think I had yarn "issues."  Well actually, it may be too late for that.  At least this is better than losing lotto tickets.  It could all be sold on ebay and would probably fetch a fair price.  I don't buy the cheap stuff.  Evah.

I was hunting on You Tube for an appropriate death knell for Pixie and watched a lot of clips from the Wizard of Oz.  If you think I'm wandering here, I'm not.  Besides, read my header; it plainly states I ramble on this site.  Don't say ya weren't warned.  Anyways, I watched the clip where the Wicked Witch gets it in the face with the bucket of water.  I love that scene.  And I love her last coherent words too.  So here's to your demise Pixie.  Now send those socks!


Rositta said...

I just bought some beautiful sock yarn in the little town of Haliburton, couldn't help myself. I have also just been informed by my assassins assassin that I should send my SIP's as soon as possible, like right now. Problem is, I don't have them, she'll just have to wait. I guess she doesn't know about Canada Post, she seemed quite irate on the boards...ciao

Rudee said...

Ha ha ha. Well, that's good. One back at them.I am hoping I'm gone soon too. Hope you had a nice weekend away Rositta.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

I bet you knit the softest, coziest socks ever. Do you wear them to work for luck?

Fingers still crossed for you to have an ass-bite free week. You deserve this to happen for you.

Rudee said...

Thanks RC. I'll know soon. And yes, my socks are awesome. Are you yearning for a pair? I'm always looking for people to give them to! I wear them to work but not so much for luck as for comfort.