Saturday, May 10, 2008


Who knew?  I always thought this favorite word of mine was Yiddish.  I'm not Jewish so I didn't really know.  I like it way better than clusterf$*k and even SNAFU.  They all mean the same sort of thing though.  I pronounce it kafuffle.  No r. No e for that matter either.  I use this word routinely at work.  

KERFUFFLE noun, mid-19th century, colloquial, Originally Scottish, also ‘kafuffle,’ ‘kafuffle’ [Perhaps from ‘kafuffle’ verb, but cf. Irish ‘coir thuathail,’ confusion, disorder.] Fuss, commotion, disorder, agitation.

The start of Sock Wars was a HUGE kafuffle and sort of a let down after all these weeks of talking it up.  There was some sort of mess with the mail merge and MANY did not get emailed the dossiers of their victims, including moi.  I am not letting it get me down though.  After about five hours, the pattern was posted on the website and I began to knit.

After a false start or two and a wee bit of frogging (rip-it, rip-it) and some tinking (knitting backwards) I began.  I knit til midnight last night and couldn't make another stitch.  I used circs, I used dpns, I used patience.  I checked my emails and the Sock Wars Forum 800,00 times and began to despair that perhaps, I'd been cut.  It isn't so but I didn't find that out until 1 PM today.   Although I've been given a copy of the final list and I can find who is knitting for me and who I'm supposed to kill, I can't find my victim on the warrior list.  I'm awaiting the email I was supposed to get at 12 PM GMT yesterday.

So, I'm on the gusset of sock 1 and considering casting on the cuff for sock two.  There was almost a disaster with the DAMN DOG and my yarn but I intervened before the yarn I settled on was shredded.  Doesn't mean I saved it from the slobber though.  There is plenty of dog slobber on the yet to be wound skein.  

Not winding it is part of my plan.  I am not going to help the person who kills me before my time.  If I finish this sock tonight, I'll wind it.  I'm worried because I'm behind and have to work tomorrow and Monday.  Think my patients would mind if I knit instead of nursing them to their normal state of chronically critically ill?  They may get pissy about that.  Literally.

So, battle on.  I'm off to shower since I've been up battling since the butt crack of dawn and my kids are taking me out for dinner for Mother's Day.  I hope yarn is involved.  I'll post pics of my progress as soon as the camera battery charges.  

In the mean time, listen to this song; I can't get this song out of my mind so I may as well not be alone when humming this.   I love Canadians and I have a special spot in my musical heart for Neil.  I find his voice mesmerizing.  Maybe being mesmerized during battle isn't such a good thing.  I hope my assassin listens too.

Watch out Cindy AKA Pixiedust.  I'm all over your socks and I plan a brutal death for you.  If not me, then the person who kills me.  I am also relieved you are a girl since I settled on my beloved Lorna's Laces in the colors of Easter.  Hope you like pastels.  Just don't bleed on them when they arrive.


Anonymous said...

I got to see Neil Young and Crazy Horse in the late 70's....It was mesmerizing.(or was it the alchohol stuper, or the pungent smell of what the guys next to us were smoking)? Oh hell it was the 70's; I don't remeber them!


Rudee said...

I never saw NY-a black mark on my concert going history. I did see Steven Stills as a solo act but he was completely inebriated and unable to play. Maria Muldaur was booked to open but played all night. It wasn't a loss. She sang Midnight at the Oasis with the voice of an angel. I remember. LOL

Chris said...

Hi Rudee

For a different take on music, check out - a different sort of Kerfuffle altogether. As his Dad, I can tell you that the bass player (my 20 year old son) hold NY in pretty high esteem.
Keep knitting!

Rudee said...

Thanks for dropping by Chris. I did visit your son's site which was not a kerfuffle at all! They're wonderful. They've also got an angel singing for them.