Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sam Adams, Take Me Away

This is my first night to relax since Sock Wars started. The pressure is off now and if I die tomorrow, at least I got to take someone out with me. I'd hate to die in vain. I'm still concerned that this woman I'm offing doesn't show herself publicly on any of the forums we warriors visit. She's like a ghost or as I read on the Sock Wars forum, a zombie. Yep. But her feet will look great dead in those socks I knit her! I've only to kitchener the last of the stitches and I'll have that done in a brief bit. Unlike many I know, I like a good kitchener stitch toe. It doesn't frighten me and as long as I am not imbibing, I can usually keep it together.

No refs to scream at tonight on the television while I knit-God is that distracting. I lost track more times than I can count just getting caught up in the drama of that game. Give it up Dallas! Pixie has to and now, so do you all. Or as you say down there, "y'all." Tomas did not have his skate in the crease and it's hardly his fault if his fine ass derriere was perceived to be over the line. First, I think there's quite a bit of padding there to protect the crown jewels so perhaps it sticks out more. We discussed this (ok, I discussed this) on my last Sock Hockey post. Secondly, I think this manly piece of hockey wonder probably has a very muscular gluteus most maximus. Bodacious most likely. Not saying. Just guessing. It isn't his fault if his bum crossed the line. Y'all whine like his whole being was in there with the goalie. Wonder what my hunka man Don Cherry thought about this. That's him up there in the sidebar lookin all spiffy and ever so slightly like he forgot to take his mood stabilizers.

I'm done with ACLS too. I ran a megacode and saved the patient with cardiac tamponade. I also got to practice drilling an IO site (in lieu of an IV, we can administer fluids and drugs into bone marrow) into a fake tibia. God, I love my job. I could never do it to a human (ok, I probably could) but it was fun to play with the drill. I got to stick an imaginary needle into the dummy's chest and aspirate all that blood. If he'd been wearing a seat belt, this probably wouln't have happened to him! I hate getting the PEA megacodes. They suck. You've got electricity but, to paraphrase my Canadian colleagues, Dude, you got no pump. Not a good match in terms of making it. Thus the acronym PEA-pulseless electrical activity. You dead. Just like Pixie.

I dropped the CrackBook off and had a lovely chat with the genius about the damage on the top of my Mac. Just fix it. MacLess me until tomorrow. Or Saturday. Or Sunday. Or maybe Monday. Just how many do they have to fix? Alas, I am using the desktop (windows) which is making me somewhat Dellerious. So, you get no pictures today. I'm off to visit with my husband a bit and drink a couple of those ice cold Summer Ales.

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