Friday, May 30, 2008

Temptation and War Crimes

I wish I were saying I was kicking the bucket, but I'm not. I cast on sock # 4 for sock wars late last night. I can't really say why this pair isn't done yet. I'm not really ignoring them-they just seem to go on forever for such a short little pair of socks. One would think I was knitting intricate kilt hose for a man with a size 15 shoe. They're just short little socks for a target who wears a size 7 shoe.

Part of the problem is a deficit in the attention department. I seem to find one thing and then another that drags me away from what I need to be doing. These things aren't necessarily important to me. They're just little temptations that lead me astray or off task. Last night, I played with a feature on my Macbook that I had no idea was even residing in my applications. I'd gone looking for my Flickr Uploadr so I could add images to use as my Ravatar and found photo booth too. It takes a picture with my built in camera and can change the effects of the photo as it snaps it. I thought thermal was a great choice given the recent reappearance of my hot flashes. But it does xray too. And sepia, comic book, pencil sketch, pop art and of course, normal. It was way cooler than knitting Ruth's sock (sorry Ruth, but it was.)

The other thing that led me astray was watching Ghost for the millionth time. I can do without the gooey parts of that movie. Truth be told, I watch it for the scenes with Whoopi. By this time, it was 11:30 PM when the movie started and I was whipping through that sock. I was on the cuff that was K1P1 for 12 rows and just going around and around my needles in a mindless way. Thinking I was at the part where I'd start the pattern, I looked down and saw that I had left out those pesky purl stitches for the past three rows and I had only 9 rows of ribbing with 3 rows of stockinette stitch. Dammit. So I frogged ever so delicately back to row 8 and tried to finish the rib. It's Whoopi's fault.

Lastly, I am knitting these for a woman who has petite feet. I was thrown by how small the first completed sock appears. I've never knit for someone with such a dainty foot. I'm used to knitting for people including myself, who have pretty large feet for girls. There I am, looking at sock one and wondering if my trusty little sheep tape measure is lying. It isn't but I'm worried. Therefore Ruth, if you are reading this, I've made the toe easy to unravel in case you need to make an adjustment. I also made an executive decision to give you a more feminine toe on this sock. I hope you know a good lawyer I could use in case I get arrested for making a change to the pattern. I took the toe down to 14 stitches on each needle and then did a stunningly executed Kitchener stitch.


Rositta said...

That was a good scene although both my sweetie and I are partial to the clay scene. We tried that once, he only works in the movie. We had clay all over the studio...ciao

Rudee said...

hahahahaha. Did it take long to clean up that clay? I don't thing I've ever done movie reenactments quite like that!

My favorite scene is the seance but that may be only because mbf does the best impression of Orlando's wife.

O: "Damn baby! What'd you do to your hair?"
O's wife: "Why, Orlando, you like it? It's Autumn Sunrise."

If I could've found that on you tube, that's what I'd have posted.

Anonymous said...

The feet resemble
a. Kayaks
B. Canoes
c. Freighters

Answer: Like the rest of the family....Freighters


Rudee said...

Yes. Thank you FTM. It's only taken most of my adult life to become desensitized to the fact that yes, my feet are ginormous. I can recall the shoe store fella laughing his ass off at my size 10 feet when I was just 12 years old. He was an asshole. Nowadays, selections are better for bigfoots like me and I care not that my feet are big.

Anonymous said...

they may be big but they aren't webbed!


Rudee said...

Again, thanks FTM. You do have a point there: life as Bigfoot could always be worse. I shall look on the bright side.

ExpatKat said...

Gorgeous socks! Just finished a pair myself. Check 'em out on my new knitting blog

Rudee said...

I liked your knitting site expat and have added it next to pea green boat on my bloglines. Alas, the socks in this post are not my own. I'd rather shoot myself than knit kilt hose for a man. It's not the knitting for a man, it's the MAJOR time suck in knitting kilt hose that would make me think twice.