Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh Give Me a Home, Where The Swedish Men Roam

The Swedes were hot tonight, bringing home a 4-0 win. Ja! Notice the ad in lower right hand corner of this poster. This is where Johan Franzen buys his Swedish Meatballs. Me too!

If you've been paying any attention here, you know that I am besotted with Don Cherry. I can't explain it, but I adore his flamboyant ways. The things that fly out of his mouth make me laugh my arse off as do his selection of suits. And as wished for by me, he did wear red tonight. Sort of. He wore a white suit with giant flowers placed sporadically all over like the fabric on your grandmother's patio furniture. But the tie? His tie was scarlet red. Thanks Don.

How Don dresses when compliant with mood stabilizer prescriptions.

Between the first and second periods and after the game, I watched Coach's Corner and got my Don fix. Oh, I'm sorry. You didn't see Don tonight? You weren't blessed with growing up in Canada or the next best thing, a Canadian border town? You don't get Hockey Night in Canada on your set? Poor you. You were stuck watching the more staid commentary on Versus, minus the color. Weren't you? I bet, if you watched the game (I just presume that if you're reading this that you love the game as much as me) and were stuck with the mundane follow up, you were asleep before the Joe Louis Arena emptied.

Swedes off duty

Maybe you're Canadian and you didn't watch because there aren't any Canadian teams in the finals. I don't understand that though because there are Canadian men playing for these teams (and a plethora of Swedes too.) Surely, a Canadian has some vested interest in seeing the outcome. I would hope that with the Wings as one of the Original 6, you'd be rooting for them. Ahem, you don't see Penguins as one of the six. Do you?

Do you see Pittsburgh's logo here? Me neither.

On Coach's Corner, Don was trying to explain the song being played after Dan Cleary's goal and was waiting for the replay. Frustrated with the slowness of the crew, he said, "I'm doing my best here folks. My suits can't carry this thing." Au contraire mon ami. They can too.


Rositta said...

We were playing bridge last eve but stopped to see coaches corner. We were all cheering for the Big D by the way...ciao

Rudee said...

Sounds like a perfect night to me. It was a great game!

Anonymous said...

we had the set up going. Ribs, chicken and burgers on the grille. Wings on the Big screen and pistons on the little. What a horrendous call on Tomas in the first period. Still they perservered and dominated.
You had to love the entrance of Fluery to start the game.

Wings in 5.


Rudee said...

Nah, Tomas did it-and they're just looking for it. They played well despite the call. Sorry I couldn't make it. You are blessed though as voice mails left by your brother indicate he was spoiling for a political argument. I'm sure the cost of gas is pinching him and somehow, that's my fault because I vote for democrats.