Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sock Hockey Drama

Pixiedust's Easter Egg Detonator Sock and Detroit Hockey
v. 3
I tried really hard to use Tofutsies. I couldn't bear the splitting with every stitch whether I used my Takumi Velvet dpns (double pointed needles) or my Addi Turbos. Facing reality and acknowledging I won't win the Tofutsies prize, I took it off the needles without even trying to frog it. It's lying in a heap next to me. So, I took out the pastel limited edition Lorna's Laces from Jimmy Beans in Spring Forward and cast on. I knit the cuff-a very PITA knit one purl one rib for 12 rounds. When I started the pattern which is very pretty, I was doing my increases wrong and they left little eyelet holes every pattern repeat. I knew deep in my knitter's soul I was dead wrong after the second row of the pattern but I persevered another 2 rows for a full pattern repeat. In frustration, I emailed my friend Rositta who kindly set me straight. Thanks Rosibaby (her nom de guerre.) When I gently withdrew my needles to "frog" every so delicately to the end of my cuff, it all went to hell in a hand basket. And I cast on again.

I love sock architecture. It amazes me what I can do with toothpicks and string. Behold the cuff, leg, heel, heel turn and gusset of the pattern "Detonator." Bring on the foot! I like the appearance of this sock just fine but I think the instep is rather tedious. It's not as bad as some patterns but I'm finding it difficult to remember where I am and have taken to using my stitch markers to remind me if I am on row 2 or 4 of the pattern. As luck would have it, the sole and rows 1 and 3 are in stockinette which in the round is knit every stitch. I am done with the gusset decreases and it's straight to the toes for a shoe size of 9. Not as big as my freighters. Lucky me. I wish it was the second sock. If so, I'd have reason to crow.

Game 2 of Round 3 is a nail biter. One penalty after another. Tomas Holmstrom must have balls of steel. This man takes a hockey stick to the groin all through the game. He perches his gonads directly in front of the goalie and doesn't move. Even with a stick slammed up there. It must be obvious that I've stopped knitting for a bit-actually my fingers were cramping-to update and watch the game. Incidently, we won. Great game Boys in Red.

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