Friday, May 23, 2008

Sock Wars Apathy

Here are your socks Ruth (no, not moi.) Is this yarn not fabulous? I want some.

I am still alive and I can't believe this unfortunate turn of events. I'd fully expected to be having a couple of cold ones agonizing over my eulogy by now! Instead, I'm faced with another complete pair of socks to make while at the same time, I've been struck with a vicious case of sock knitting apathy (at least for this pattern.) I am almost to the heel of the first sock and plan to get through that tonight. Then I'll try to work on the foot. Perhaps it's because I had to start over once I received them as the gauge was completely off. I'd been hoping for a bit of a head start at the very least. I'd think by this point in my life, I'd get used to disappointment.

Which sock got gauge? No fair guessing the one on the needles.

Holy Moley. That's a huge difference. I think the one on the left is a smidge gimongous!

So, I cast on the day I got them on US size stinkin' one needles. The yarn is a bit dark. My eyes have passed the half century mark. You get the picture. It's HARD TO SEE THE FREAKING STITCHES. This is OK until I get to the increase 1 in the pattern which occurs rather frequently. The stitches seem small but I have gauge. I'll plod along and see where I get but if I'm not dead tomorrow, I completely expect I'll get my second kill. I hope so. Monday is a holiday here and there won't be any mail delivery. Boo-hoo Woo-hoo. I live to kill yet again.

In case you wanted to know what I'm doing instead of knitting:


Rositta said...

I read somewhere that if the SIP's you received were not the correct gauge you could request more time? I posted a picture of the socks I received on rav today, they where way off. Since I don't care to be alive it didn't matter but I'm going to frog them and use the yarn for something else. They were done in sport yarn 28 st inc instead of sock yarn so they are two inches to large on the width...happy Memorial Day..ciao

Rudee said...

Better than any pair of socks is the shit that goes on with those message boards. It's been so much fun reading those messages. Now, go back and read my blog from the other day--I didn't call you mouthy! It was the KIA from the SW forum I called mouthy-although you aren't afraid of speaking up now, are you?

I agree. Frog 'em.

Rositta said...

I misread that, sorry...although I can be quite mouthy,sometimes, LOL. Good hockey game tonight, wasn't Don Cherry's suit cute...ciao

Rudee said...

Don's suit was OUT THERE. Cue crazy music here. I wouldn't miss it for the world though! It was a great game!

You? Mouthy? Nahhhh

Anonymous said...

Great video - I enjoyed that!

Warrior Eimear from Sock Wars

Rudee said...

Hello Warrior Eimear. Thanks for visiting-I looked for you on rav and sock wars. I couldn't find you ;-(

Are you sure you aren't my assassin? Just asking. I'm a wee bit paranoid these days.

Come back and visit if you aren't! If you are, woe is me.