Sunday, May 11, 2008

Running On Empty

Ok, I knit til my hands were about to fall out last night and I still haven't finished this stupid sock (SS). My victim doesn't answer emails. My assassin is dead-I guess she committed sockicide. The best I can estimate is that her assassin becomes my assassin. I just don't know. I'm sort of running out of gas here.

I woke up extra early this morning (4 AM) and worked on the SS. I lost a whole day today as I had to put in my time at work. Although it was a decent day, I didn't get more than one round done on my SS during my lunch (I know, I got lunch!). I did have to eat since it's such a rare thing during work.

The pattern is littered with mistakes/typos/translation errors. It is rather poorly written and therefore inadequately executed. I know it looks good to the naked or uninitiated eye but not to mine. I see the flaws but can't really fix them since I did do exactly what she wrote down. I'll give you a for instance:

Can you tell me what the hell this means?

INC1 Insert point of needle downwards into ridge below next st on right
hand needle and knitting as a new stitch, then work the “regular”
stitch too. 2 stitches made from 1.

I mean, WTF? I have an entire sock made from this increase:

KLL when she MEANT KRL

Now watch the individual videos and look at the sample. What would you have done? I'm awfully close to committing sockicide myself. This is nuts and if anyone thinks I'm correcting this now, you'd be WRONG. My plan is to just keep on making the same mistake for another 1 1/4 socks. It's too late in the game to back out now. This is no longer a kerfuffle, it's FUBAR.

Rudee is tired and had 50 hot flashes today. I don't like it much when it's humid outside. And the SS is in a timeout.


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Wow. You are one tenacious woman and I'm seriously impressed.

And do you know I'd never heard of FUBAR before now? That one's a keeper.

Rositta said...

You are absolutely correct about that pattern, it sucks big time. I tried to talk about it on the chats but was called a whiner. Amazingly tons of people think this is a great pattern, guess they never Pink Lemon Twists' pattern which is almost identical but prettier and easier. I also have never seen a 40 stitch graft on a toe, I find it way too wide. Anyway, I am halfway done my second sock and your assassin is still listed as dead. What the heck is KRL, I didn't see that anywhere. I had a feeling I shouldn't use my $25 buck yarn on these socks...ciao

Rudee said...

FUBAR is military talk RC-ga-head, keep it. It works in almost every corner of a hospital.

Rositta- I did a KRL based on her description of the make one. If others called you a whiner, so what. I'm whining too. Today, I found out my assassin isn't dead though she lists herself as such and my victim is alive and well just begging to get killed. She isn't listed at all. Nice strategy.

If you are reading this Pixiedust, I'm off the next four days in a row. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!