Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Look Out Baby 'Cause Here They Come

Sometimes Nothing Else Will Do The Job

Yesterday was not a total loss in the satisfaction department. Detroit finally stopped toying around with Dallas and brought this home:Lots of voodoo beliefs accompany the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl

Don't be deceived. It's pretty enough for a trophy but the team that hoists this trophy is cursed and will not win the Holy Grail of Hockey, Lord Stanley's Cup.

This is Lord Stanley. He appears to have taken himself quite seriously.

Here is Lord Stanley's Cup. After 4 more wins, perhaps the Boys in Red will once again hoist this cup in glory and sip champagne from the bowl.

It's said that this poor and unfortunate goalie has whiplash from watching 4 pucks nail the goal he was supposed to be tending. It's OK though, he'll have plenty of time for physical therapy. I hope he's in shape soon for the golf course. It would be a shame to miss such an early start to what the other Red Wing victims are finding themselves doing.

Bring on Don Cherry. I'm ready for some really good color commentary!


Anonymous said...

Bring on the Penguins. Should be a great series. Wings in 6 or 7.!!!!!! The real question in all this....Is how could the NHL decide to take on the NBA head to head with the Pistons VS Celtics Saturday; Monday and Wednesday. Will it be watch the wings and TIVO the Pistons or Watch the sTONES AND tivo the wings......Hell tape them both and when the tigers are on the tube in the dogdays. Pop in the tape and watch them both.

GO Wings
Go Stoners


Rudee said...

I think there are more NBA than NHL fans residing here but since all games are in the eastern zone, I should have my way. Thank God for folks that work the off shift in this house. Nary a peep on this site re the Pistons. Thanks for bringing it up FTM. You see where my loyalties lie....