Friday, January 16, 2009

Think About It

This is your brain
. Mine too.

This is the brain of a knitter. Really.

You can read about the psychiatrist who knit this amazing brain here. I wonder, do you think she was overcome by fiber fumes when she took this project on?

Photos: google images


Ruth said...

Amazing - did she go mad knitting it ???

flydragon said...

lololol, I'm sure that second one is my brain, all fuzzy and wooly.

Rudee said...

Ruth, I'm smitten with this brain but have no desire to take it on. It's incredible.

Flydragon, I'm sure we all feel like that-especially after a winter as shut-ins.

Brenda said...

I think I saw a few knitting errors in there. Ha...just kidding about my perfectionism. Just caught myself wondering what part of the brain causes perfectionism. Very creative project she did there!

distracted by shiny objects said...

So THAT'S what it really looks like. I've never trusted those medical illustrations.

Sandy said...

Love the knitted brain! I'll have to check out that link.