Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Chill in the Air

There’s been some knitting at the house of Rudee. This is a completed neck warmer I’ve done in a sweet pattern, courtesy of Mareseatoats. The pattern called for a bulky yarn so I thought I’d use up the remainder of my Lamb’s Pride bulky in amethyst. Mares made hers in a beautiful gray alpaca. Hers was prettier with a beautiful drape. Mine has amazing stitch definition. I like them both. Although I finished knitting mine, I have to find some suitable buttons-that means going to stores that probably sell yarn. I’m trying hard to be good. Really, I am.

I’m still working on my Michelle socks, and while they’re very pretty, it’s a slow go with US size 1 needles. To me, it’s like knitting with toothpicks. It would help if I’d wear my glasses when I knit them but I just don’t. Stubborn. I’ve finished working the heel and gusset decreases of the first sock. I’m near the end but the thought of making another one on these twig sticks has me down. I’m not defeated yet though so there is still hope this sock will have a mate.

We’re expecting some weather tonight. We’ll get a glancing blow by the storm that’s leaving devastation in its wake as it races across the middle of the country. I guess we’re blessed it won’t be worse. Just a few inches of snow and none of the ice that other areas are dealing with. My Ohio pals are in my thoughts. Stay safe. The weather makes working on the road a daily challenge. I never know what I’ll run into-literally. Last night, I went to see my young patient and parked in front of their house. It was dark and I thought I was parking in slush. I stepped out of the car and into about 4 inches of water-it was frozen on top but quickly gave way to some ankle deep water. Last week I went to her house and dropped my keys in a snow bank. I felt lucky to find them. I’m not complaining, but jeeze, whatever happened to a January thaw?


Miss 376 said...

Sounds like the neck warmer is just what you need in this weather

flydragon said...

Love that neck warmer and my favorite shade of blue, too. Just going to buy buttons?????
I was also wondering what the heck happened to the Jan. thaw!!

debra said...

The blue is a wonderful color, and I really like the texture. A useful tool this winter, eh?
We're in the band of heavy snow and have had about 7" or new snow so far.
It's beautiful out there.

Brenda said...

I had to go back and revisit your post about the Michele socks. Very pretty. I started working with some black yarn and No 1 needles and gave up. I can't see it even to make the stitches. The needles are purple so that helps, but, it is too frustrating. Love the neck warmer. I want to try that pattern. So much to little time!

Winifred said...

That is really lovely, beautiful colour. Looks like you need it too.

Good hibernating weather you have. Just a pity you can't do that.

distracted by shiny objects said...

I do so love that color. Deep, rich and gorgeous. Bet it goes with a lot of things, too. As far as the "wintery mix" it is here and looks like it wants to stay. The dog is a happy boy:>)

Sandy said...

You are all experiencing such cold temps back there but glad you aren't in the brunt of it! I keep up with the weather on the Weather Channel and ..well.. Just can't imagine all this cold and ice.

I always like to see what you're knitting. I really want to get busy learning that some day.

Rudee said...

Miss, I cast on a second in lavender. I see no end to the weather.

Flydragon-the camera didn't do justice. It's purple. Want one?

Debra, I know this is pretty, but I've seen enough. We're 18 inches above normal for the season with 2 months to go. Ick.

Brenda, black is hard to knit by. I need my Ott Lite when I knit with black or other really dark colors. If you don't own one, it's a full spectrum lamp for crafting. Michael's sells them.

Winifred, my bear like qualities always come out. I'd be perfectly happy to stay home and knit if I could.

Distracted, I'm sure your boxer is loving this. I want me a boxer. They're sooooo cute and very athletic.

Sandy, I want your weather. I'm deeply envious.

Anonymous said...

The neck warmer is so beautiful! You should sell some of your things, I know you would do very well. Christie wants me to learn to knit because she wants to knit with me at night. You inspire me to actually learn!

We had a snow day here and it is FREEZING and SNOWING like crazy. I hope the storm misses you.


Betty Flocken said...

Gosh I'm glad it's 110 here in the summer... I'm cold just looking at these pictures and hearing about keys in the snow.. Good luck!