Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm Up Already!!!

Dear Mr. Larger Than Life:

Has it ever occurred to you that when people don't answer your calls bright and early in the morning, that they may still be sleeping?  I didn't think so.  I know everyday is Saturday for you, but it only comes once a week for me.  I was lingering in bed and snoozing my life away.  It felt pretty good until you called.  And called.  And called.  And called.

If you call once and nobody answers, do you think you could leave a message so we know what it is that you wanted, or needed, or maybe just where the fire was?  I think a message would be better than calling, hanging up, and calling back again until someone answers, don't you?  In event of emergency, don't wait for us.  Hang up and call 911.  We'll figure it out-especially if you've left a message.

What exactly is the purpose of driving to a home you've just called when nobody answered?  Are you counting cars in the drive?  Was there a disaster somewhere that you had to tell us about?  Is there a reason behind a drive by honking?  I mean really, it's Saturday for my neighbors too and only Mr. Farmer is up as early as you.  I dare say, though they'd never tell me, the neighbors don't like it when you pull up to my home and lay on the horn.  If we didn't answer the phone, we aren't too likely to answer the horn.  Especially if we are still sleeping.

For the love of God, could you please find a hobby?


One Exhausted Nurse


flydragon said...


The Crusty Crone said...


Now... who is Mr Larger Than Life??

Winifred said...

Oh heck is he a nutter? I hope you didn't answer the door.

Maybe you could get him sectioned. For pity's sake never give him a key.

What happened about the ham at Christmas? Have I missed anything?

Anonymous said...

omg; I'm sorry; I won't do it again. Oh, thats right I'm 45 miles away!!!!

Hell I know better then to call before noon!!!


Betty Flocken said...

LOL That's GREAT! Well not for you maybe but it's a great Story!
Happy New year!

Sandy said...

oH I'd be so P.O'd.. Not a nice thing to happen but you made it funny to read it, haha.

Miss 376 said...

Some people just can't take no for an answer!

Rudee said...

No Fly, it's boohoohoohoohoo.

CC-he is my father in law.

Winifred, yes he is.No, I didn't answer the door and he doesn't have a key. We did have ham and beef tenderloin for Christmas dinner.

Brenda said...

Ha....will this get filed on the side with "The Insane Asylum." I think I could start some stories like yours about my family members, if I ever saw them. I have had to do a quickhide from them. Long story.

Rositta said...

Holy shitdoodle, I'd strangle the guy. You have the patience of a saint...ciao

laurie said...

see? this is what email is for.

he can just email you!!!!