Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who's Sorry Now?

Me.  I'm sorry I didn't listen to my little inner voice last December 20th.  I was sick of buying "stuff"-even yarn.  When I went to Jimmy Beans as I do on the 20th of every month to see the limited addition Lorna's Laces sock yarn, I didn't click to buy.  And I'm sorry because duh, limited means a point or level beyond which something does not extend.  Sold Out.  It does every single month.  The January colors were too cool for me and even though it wasn't technically winter at the time, I was already sick of feeling cold.  Those colors appeal to me now, especially since I can't have it and because I can see the end of winter being ushered out (after tomorrow's snow storm that we're expecting).   I'm a little sad that I don't own the very pretty Ice Storm Yarn.

I passed on February's color SWAK.  I just didn't like it-too dark, too moody and smacking of Valentine's Day.  I must be an aberrant female as I don't go in for the gushy love holiday nonsense.  So, I feel nothing having lost out on the SWAK yarn.  I bought some pretty navy Schaefer Heather yarn instead.   On Feb. 20th, I went back to Jimmy's and saw the promise of the end of winter in the Spring Forward colorway.  Of course, I bought it.  I don't like Easter egg-like pastels, but someone will.  

The yarn for April is called Lily Pad.  For some reason, it reminds me of my sister (or more appropriately, the beautiful, multilevel pond she has covered in lily pads).  So I'm clicking my option to buy and I'll knit some socks for my sister.  True, she could knit her own, but it's always nice when one knitter makes something special for another.  I'll leave them for her at her home in Virginia next month.  
OK then, since I now have my April Yarn from Jimmy Beans, you can go fetch yours.  Better be quick though; it sells out fast.  You don't want regret at having missed the boat. 


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