Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sports ATC

Lately, it is all sports, all the time in my house.  Some seasons are winding down like basketball and hockey as we begin to enter the playoffs and others, like baseball and golf are just beginning.  Myself, I don't really care.  If my husband comes home from work and busts me watching an athletic event, he gets a glint in his eye.  It's almost as if I've transformed myself into the perfect woman by virtue of the fact there is a game on the TV.  Nope.  It's just that if I'm watching something interesting to me while I'm knitting, I'm sure to make mistakes.  So, athletic events are a good background in which I can do whatever suits my fancy.  

I'm passably versed in most sports.  Hockey (no surprise in a Canadian border town) is my favorite.  These guys are real athletes.  I like going to baseball games-mostly to check out the butts of  cute guys in uniforms (I love men in uniform).  Basketball is OK which is almost blasphemy around here.  My son adores basketball and my husband played it all through highschool.  My sister in law works for the NBA.  Me, I can take or leave it (usually leave it).   I used to like it better when the players wore shorter shorts.  It gave me something to admire.  

Where does it leave me now as March Madness has descended upon us?  TV free.  Even poor Rachel is TV free which means she has taken to staring at my lap top waiting for vintage cartoons to magically pop up on the screen.  Thank God for you tube and Max Fleischer.  Without it she'd be lost and I'd lose my mind.  She can watch these 1930's cartoons for hours. 

There are basketball brackets lying all over the house these days.  There were some close calls in the past few days and a quite a bit of grunting as expressions of disbelief.  Like when Duke beat Belmont by a nose.  Oh wait, I'm screwing up my sports lingo again.  I get mixed up all the time.  I can't keep my quarters, innings, and periods straight.  Anyways, Duke almost LOST-to Belmont.   Some of the men in my house had to look Belmont up online.   I can't imagine the noise in Doha where my sister lives with her Duke alumni spouse.  I bet there was some interesting "language" going on over there.  And I'd bet there was more than grunting and shouts of OHHHH.

I like the words they use to describe the NCAA playoffs.  Words like March Madness and Sweet Sixteen.  The play doesn't do much for me though it does provide for quite a bit of knitting respite.  My pink sweater is 75% done.  Soon, I'll start on the sleeves.  So in a way, it's ok that I've lost control of the TV.

Now this video runs more to my tastes in sports videos.  He is pretty cute-and no uniform is required to make me watch.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor


Rositta said...

Now that the Maple Leafs are out of the playoffs thank God for baseball otherwise hubby would go nuts. Me, I can tolerate basketball but the rest not so much. Happy Sunday...ciao

emma said...

My husband just informed me that it was March Maddness and the Sweet Sixteen and then something else and then something else and then Playoffs and so he was going to be busy for the next, what five weeks? With four kids, I don't think so buster!

Rudee said...

Rositta: I can't believe the Maple Leafs are out. Isn't that a sin somewhere? I'm sure it violates some law of nature.

Emma: I think you should hire a nanny and give your husband the bill. 4 kids? Yikes. I thought 3 was a handful.

Willowtree said...

Sadly, I let my gender down when it comes to sports, I'm not a huge fan. However I am a qualified level two baseball coach.

Hockey players are funny, when I lived in Canada I went skating with a bunch of them. they were hopeless without a stick in their hands!! So funny.

If you like sports for the butts, maybe this might interest you. Scroll down to the last couple of pictures.

Anonymous said...

The saying apples don't fall from the tree applies here....I think you get this thing for hockey from your mother.....She loved a good game and when a fight broke out (and it usually did) she would yell Fight; fight; fight( I think dad would duck)


Rudee said...

OMG Willowtree. Thanks for the link. I will not soon forget this. Damn, butts and short shorts. Not to mention amazing quads.

Rudee said...

Thanks ftm. I don't quite think I'm cut of the same cloth as your hockey heathen mother. Praise be I never took her to a game. At the very least, one would need a face mask. And ear plugs. She liked her hockey though. Did she embarrass you when you played on a league?

Anonymous said...

No I could never hear her many call in preferential hearing. MOM was pretty subdued at those games. I still think you like a good fight as much as her. I do remember one of your nephews games, that got somewhat intense(several fights at the end< I thought you were going over the boards to join in>>>>


Rudee said...