Thursday, March 20, 2008

What Makes a Perfect Day?

"And what would you like to achieve with your facial today Madame?

Yesterday was wonderful.  I woke up with no alarm (although I did wonder briefly if I was late for work-hate that panicky feeling).  No points for this since the initial panic was disturbing. Hubby was up and already brewing the coffee.  Score 1 point in the great day tally card for not having to brew the joe myself.  He even got Rachel ready for school.  2 points.

Payroll matters have changed greatly with Rachel now an adult.  They are much easier.  Score 3. Chat with the BFF for about 30 minutes while doing the payroll I could've hired a chimp to do. Score 4. 

Drive to my favorite small town within a city.  Shmooze with the gals at my favorite LYS and spend way too much money on things I don't need.  Yep.  More yarn. (This time, the yarn is a gift that I'm giving in its skeined form.  I don't have to knit it).  I think that makes it 7.

Walk from the yarn store to the salon.  Get a new do: new blond highlights, shampoo and blow dry.  Slip from the salon and into the spa to get a facial from my daughter.  That makes 10 because I have to add 1 point just for the hour and a half I get to spend with one of my favorite people.  

Results of this facial? How can I total the point value of this Aveda treatment?  The  Botanical Skin Resurfacing is a fabulous service.  It's the 2nd of 4 weekly exfoliating and skin rejuvenating treatments I'll have.  I think it is amazing and is likened in results to microdermabrasion except it's painless.  It's dirt cheap since a student did the work and I'm willing to take my chances with the outcome. It's even less expensive than the list price of this service because I get a 50% discount as one of my daughter's peeps.  And damn if I don't look 10 years younger. 

 I'm giving this perfect day the near perfect score of 99.  I'd give it 100 but the maid didn't show up to clean the house.  Oh wait.  That's right.  I remember now that I gave her the day off to go to the salon.


Anonymous said...

I swear you do look 10 years younge!!! The girls at the salon were amazed... Love you..xoxo

Rudee said...

Can't wait to see what week 3 brings. Thanks sweety.