Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Postman Rang Twice This Week

When you last saw this project, it was just in its infant stage.  I have knit my behind off trying to make it grow.  This yarn, a lovely alpaca and silk blend is so hard to knit.  The pattern is as simple as they get being all in stockinette.  A rectangle with armholes, sleeves knitted separately and then sewn in.  The curled edge of the stockinette pattern becomes part of the detail of the sweater.  How hard can that be?  I guess hard isn't really the problem.  This baby is tedious because the yarn is boucle.  What was I thinking?  This stuff is incredibly difficult to manipulate but the texture will be lovely-if I ever finish it.

As an incentive to knit faster, I ordered this pretty little shawl pin as a closure for the sweater.  It was out of stock when I ordered.  It arrived yesterday and all I can say is  I wish the sweater was done yesterday too.  It's a sterling silver ball of yarn on a rosewood stick.  Romi, your work is stunning.  Thank you.  I love it and I'm knitting as fast as I can!

As a carrot for finishing, I have stuck the pin in the sweater to get an idea of how much I'm going to love it.  The major production sweater is about 50 percent done at this point, not including the sleeves.  I'm wishing it was a tank top right about now, but then the pin would just look silly.

Part of my problem is project loyalty.  I just keep getting stuff in the mail that distracts me.  Like the pin.  And like this stunning sock yarn that just beckons me to get my swift and yarn winder out then cast on for yet another pair of socks.  This GORGEOUS yarn was my payolla for doing the nursing survey telephone interview.  Joanne has got it going (as nurses often do) and she is oh so wise.  I think this stuff will make me the paying customer next time around.  Thanks Jo.  Anymore surveys you want done?

The colorway is stunning- Mermaid Jewels- and once again, I find myself distracted.  That's why the sweater isn't finished. Stick a sock needle in it, I'm done resisting.


Jo said...

I knit a boucle sweater, in a heavy worsted yarn - love the sweater, but yes it's a pain to knit! That is a gorgeous shade of pink and I can imagine how soft the alpaca blend is!

The Rotten Correspondent said...

How long have you been knitting, rudee? Because I look at the stuff you have in progress and I get a little drool at the corner of my mouth. But I think my skill level is about, oh, fifty or sixty notches below yours.

I'm living vicariously through all of your projects.

Rudee said...

Thanks RC. I've been knitting obsessively for about 5 years but have known how to knit for decades. I like it and try to do it every day. I'm sure yours isn't as bad as you think.

Jo-this stuff is SO soft. It'll be beautiful once done. Unfortunately, that'll have to wait because I MUST have the socks your yarn will give me. Mostly for the color.. I want those yesterday too. Thanks for that.

knittingp said...

What a beautiful sweater. how many stitches did it take?

Rudee said...

KnittingP: The cast on is 112 stitches on US size 7 needles (16 stitches=4 inches in stockinette). The yarn is Yardley from Bristol Yarn Gallery by Plymouth as is the pattern (Yardley Wrap). It's pretty fussy to work with but the texture is incredible.