Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some Sweet New Stuff and Something Old Too

There is something about the pristine appearance of a brand new snowfall that appeals to me visually.  It is so pretty and makes my same old back yard look new.

Here is someone who is new and very appealing to all the senses.  This is Ethan at 1 week old.  He is perfect in every way.  Although his mom already conducted a finger and toe count, I did it too just to double check her math.   That's his grandmum looking upon him with complete adoration.  Can you tell how humongous big that hat is on his head?  Poor little fella.  He needs a knitter to fix that for him!

Lucky for him, he has one.  That is Ethan's "fits me perfect" hat complete with roll top brim (all the better to see you with) perched atop Mr. Snowman (i'm channeling my mom by failing to put away some of the Christmas decorations--hi mom).  It is made of bamboo and I think it may be just about as soft as Ethan's little bottom.  The Bernat Bamboo  (pictured here in Dill) is bulky so this was a quick knit on US size 10 DPNs.  I knit it while watching and listening to the snow

This morning, I was awakened to the sound of snow again.  Can you believe this guy?  He is once again snow-blowing the yard (at 8 am).  Do you think he knows where his snow goes once he blows it out of his yard?  I know where it goes dammit. 

This guy was at it for an hour and a half straight.  I think I've reached the end of my tether on this winter wonderland BS.  I can't tell you how I really feel since I try to only use this sort of language for crisis mode at work.  

I'll let Lewis tell you:


Rositta said...

Cute baby, cute hat, cute dog...but the snow, darn it all we've had enough too this winter, made me miss a doctors appointment this morning...ciao

Rudee said...

Well hello rositta. So sorry you missed the doc appt. I hope all is well anyway. Perhaps you should take it as a message to just snuggle up and knit! That's my plan anyway.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

That baby is stinkin' adorable, big hat or not. And Lewis? Oh.My.God. I howled. Out loud and scared the dog.

Ha! I agree with everything he just said.

Rudee said...

RC, I saw Lewis Black last November and laughed until I cried. He is so funny.