Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gone Knitting

Present and accounted for: pattern, enough yarn to knit the sweater, WIP (work in progress currently on my knit picks options needles), knitting bag, hand lotion (no hempz today), measuring tape for the easily amused (the cute little sheep that lets you  pull the tale AND measure), and a great big comfy chair.  I am not in the picture (yet) as I am off brewing the coffee.


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Now that looks like a perfect day. Add in the coffee and a dog at your feet and you're set.

Have a wonderful time.

Rudee said...

The dog is indeed in the picture however, he isn't at my feet. This 120 pound beast thinks he is a lap dog and keeps trying to get me to move from the chair to the sofa so he can prove it. Either that or let him out so he can eat the snow of the table in the backyard. He is an odd one.