Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Sure Sign of Spring

Signs of spring in Michigan can be subtle.  You must keep your eyes and mind open in order not to miss them.   With the winter we've endured, I feel we are owed a decent spring.   Yesterday, I saw sure signs that it's coming.  

  • First off, the sun which is a rare thing of late, was shining.  The sky was blue.  The thermometer read 48 degrees.  

  • Secondly, I only had to wear a long sleeved tee outdoors with a thin denim jacket.  I was plenty warm.  No wool required.

  • Thirdly, I think I saw the tender green nubbins of my daffodils popping out of the ground.  Yes.  Greenery.  I'm thrilled.  This means the squirrel didn't get the bulbs!  I don't think my irises can be far behind.  

Best of all, and the surest of all signs I saw was the golfers.  They're back.  The course I drove past was filthy with them.  My son and brother discussed clubs and new courses tonight at dinner.  Trades were made.  Plans were made.  Must be spring.

This one is for you guys.  I don't get your sport but this guy does.  Tune in for the history of how golf was created.

Love ya guys.  See ya next winter.....


The Rotten Correspondent said...

That man has to be one of the funniest humans to ever walk course. He just kills me. A little manic, sure, but oh so funny.

Hey, about your post yesterday - what other areas of nursing interest you? Or are you wide open?

Anonymous said...

Sure sign of Spring...Must be the snow advisory were currently under....BK and I didn't discuss the Plans for getting the "big One". It will be tough to top last years battle in Capac....You two are the worst F__king gophers I've ever seen. Or the 14 golf balls lost in 9 holes....
Big Plans a short season....
By the way....It was a great dinner.


Rudee said...

RC, my options are open. I may go back to research but not in urology. I'm also thinking about palliative care or hospice. Hmmm. I like a roller coaster ride of a job though so whatever I choose that will get me out of heavy lifting is certain to bore me to tears. Boohoo.

OK-FTM. I don't think the Big One reads me here but I'll be sure to pass on your message to him. Be careful now cuz you know you can dress him up but you can't take him out without some sort of ruckus occuring.