Monday, March 24, 2008

Birthday Goodness

If you think two posts in one day is a lot to talk about one subject, you should have been around last year when I talked about and celebrated my 50th birthday for a month.  Seems reasonable to me--50 was huge.  And although this is not at all what birthdays are about, I love presents.  Who doesn't?

My BFF was genuinely pleased to give me these gifts of yarn.  She doesn't knit and for someone who really doesn't know what it is all about, she went above and beyond.  This Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn is so SOFT, I think I'll keep it around and pet it for a long time before I even consider what kind of socks it'll make.  It is the name of the color I'll cherish the most.  This is Crazy Woman.  A very fitting name.  Not only did I get the Bearfoot, but I got the Moguls in Crazy Woman too.  Above and beyond Fanette.  Thank You.  I love that she prefaced the story of the gift I was getting by telling me she was feeling a bit down when she went shopping and was in need of retail therapy.  She told me it made her feel good to buy this stuff.  I think it's the yarn store (Ewe-Nique Knits) and their fabulous staff that made her feel so much better.  Just walking in that store feels like a warm embrace.  Of course, I don't discount that it was the yarn that cured what ailed her.  There may be a knitter lurking in her soul.

This fabulous Nicky Epstein book was also "in the bag."  Score!

This gift from my brother and his wife was hot on my needs list.  After all, opening day is a short 6 days and approx. 15 hours away, but who's counting?   I'll be wearing this.  I think I'll need some wool too as the weather hasn't gotten the message that winter is over.  I'm glad to see that this guy is still on the roster.  It gives me something to look forward to.  I know he isn't the youngest and shiniest player on the team, but there is something about his theatrics on the mound that make my heart go pitter patter.  I plan to see at least 2 games in person.  July 20th is an away game in BALTIMORE.  I will wear Detroit gear to that one-then I'll eat fresh crab somewhere along the Baltimore waterfront.  August 10th is at home and is a Stitch N Pitch game.  Yarn, needles and Beer will be involved.  I should plan to take a friend to look out for me because friends don't let friends knit drunk.   Looking for a Stitch N Pitch near you?  Check it out here.  Maybe I'll see ya there.  I'll be the one knitting with wool in the heat of the summer.  Oh wait.  We'll ALL probably be doing that.  

Lunch was at Wolfgang Puck's Restaurant inside the MGM Casino.  The crabcakes were delectable.  The butternut squash soup was indescribable.  The burger?  Never had a better one.  This cake?  Stunning.  It was almost too pretty to eat and was by far, the best tiramisu I've ever tasted.

Oh.  And I won.  A lot.  I obnoxiously played my birth date over and over at the roulette table.  Each time it hit, I whooped and sang "you say it's my birthday".   I'm sure the serious gamblers were happy to see the back of me.  If they'd been wise to the birthday Mojo, their chips would have been on top of mine.   I hit the number 24 four times.   Yeah baby.

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