Friday, March 28, 2008

Pay It Forward

I gave my notice today at work.  It was no notice.  Told my boss, I won't be back after today and it was thrilling.  She hopes I was only joking but we'll have to see if my lottery tickets pull through.  I'm feeling lucky though and I've already spent a good chunk of the dough in my head.  Since winter won't leave and summer seems a good long way off, I've decided to buy a tropical island with my $113,000,000.

I'm feeling really lucky since I did such a good job at picking winning numbers at roulette on Monday.  I bought ten tickets in anticipation of writing off nine of them against tonight's winnings.  And to quote Dirty Harry, "you've got to ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky?"  Damn straight I do.

This morning though, I wasn't lucky.  I left the house and stopped at toomanybucks for a grande latte.  I paid toomanybucks and tipped the barista and drove to work.  Three miles later, I tasted my drink and found my grande latte had turned into a no fat, no whip, white mocha coffee with cinnamon.  Not what I ordered and not what I paid for.  I returned it 13 hours later-they were 'annoyed' with me.  They wanted to know why I waited so long to return it.  I'd have been late for work, thats why.

Fresh latte in hand, I pulled up to the ATM and waited behind some guy in a very nice car to take care of his banking.  When he left, I pulled up to the machine.  It was a brand new ATM at my bank.  Very shiny.  Lots of bells and whistles and open to MR. Very Nice Car's account.  OMG!  It was asking me if I wanted another transaction.  I can't tell you enough how hard it was for me to say NO.  There wasn't a NO DAMMIT option.  Just yes or no.  I'm a good girl though so I pushed no.  The machine spit Luigi's card out and gave it to me.  Lotta good that does me now.  Am I daft or what?  

I'm betting on being a good girl.  Perhaps my deed was caught in heaven and for payment I'll get that megamillions hit I'm looking for.  If not, I need to undo what I told my boss and haul my butt into work on Monday.  


Willowtree said...

Theoretically, starschmucks should have refunded your tip.

Rudee said...

I agree WT. If I had an espresso machine I'd skip the coffee shop entirely. I'm going to buy the $10,000 coffee pot with my winnings and hire a full time barista. Think of all the tip money for bad coffee that I'll save.

Rositta said...

Good for you, you deserve to win the lottery, I would have done the same no matter how hard in the moment...ciao

Rudee said...

I didn't win last nite Rositta. Nobody did. So now I have a chance at $135,000,000 on Tuesday. Perhaps there will be enough leftover to build a few cabanas on my island.