Sunday, October 12, 2008

Economic Infusion

My best friend Fanette and I gave the economy a transfusion yesterday.  We bled money while the shop owners at a local outdoor mall smiled and joked with us.  Everywhere we went, we were offered on the spot credit cards for a 20% immediate discount.  Huh?  In part, isn't that how we got into this economic debacle to begin with?  We politely declined the strong arm tactics of the sales staff.  In the end, it always costs more than the savings to go that route.

Perfect shoes were high on Fanette's wish list.  She wanted to exchange a pair of black,  pointy toed stilettos for a gray pair.  I'd have returned them for something clunky and comfortable.  In the end, she kept her original purchase.  While wandering through one department store's shoe section, she was heard to gush the words, "I love shoes."  There was such affection in her voice that I had to laugh.  It was as though she were talking about the perfect man.  Yes, she really does love shoes, with a capital L.  I used to love shoes too, but now, I mostly just love yarn.

How awful is it that I've not seen my best friend since a quick dinner one night in July?   Or maybe, it was June.  We talk all the time but now that we're on opposite work schedules, there just isn't enough time to hook up.  In August, her dad got sick while they were on vacation in California.  Since then, she's burned the candle at both ends taking care of her business and her dad's.  I recall that squeeze myself and it's so tough.  We didn't even get to meet up for her birthday in August.  Gee, I'm a pathetic friend.  I tried to make up for it by knitting the perfect pair of socks.  I also got her the perfect bottle of perfume.  I think it's all good now.  Those are her socks in Mountain Color's Bearfoot in the Ruby River colorway.  Bearfoot is incredibly luscious stuff to knit and wear.  She gave me a skein for my birthday in the Crazy Woman colorway.  I'm going to use the Crazy woman to knit these same socks for my own feet, thinking of the friend who gave me the yarn to create them when I do.  

Better than all of the spending and immediate gratification that shopping provides, was the time spent with a real friend.   It's important to keep our friends close and cherish the times we do get to spend with them.  As usual, it didn't seem like it was all that long since we got together and we made a promise that it wouldn't be this long before we did this again.  We had perfect summer like weather and a great time.  It really doesn't get better than that.


Miss 376 said...

And I am sure she will think of you everytime she wears the socks. They look gorgeous

laurie said...

the stuff of memories. and these casual afternoons with friends get fewer and farther between as life gets crazier. it sounds like a great time.

and the socks are gorgeous!

Betty Flocken said...

I love those socks! Glad you had a good day with your friend. Thanks for your assistance to the economy :)

BJ said...

What a nice post about your friend! And what great looking socks. It is so important to stay connected to our difficult as it is at times. I'm glad you had such a fun day.

Brenda said...

The socks look so soft and comfortable and very well made! Days spent with friends are the BEST!

Rudee said...

Thank you all. The socks are beautiful. As much as I care about my friend, it was hard to give them up. She is worth it though.

Brenda, those quilts are beautiful on your site. I'm so tempted.

Rose said...

Hey, I just read about the thrummed mittens you sent Laurie, went back and read the post in August she linked to, and in some weird 6 degrees thing, Louisa Harding Grace is the yarn my oldest daughter just showed me she wants. She saw it in the book Exquisite Little Luxuries; have you used it yet? I'm not familiar with it but she asked me to make her some handwarmers out of it. Also, thank you so much for your kind words; life can be overwhelming but people like you are a blessing.

Rose said...

PS Loved the pumpkins pics too!

Anonymous said...

Those socks are so beautiful. They look so soft and comfy. I love how you made them

I know what you mean about keeping friends close. When life gets so hectic, it is hard to get together and go out. My best friend, from 5th grade, Stacey, and I always have such a ball when we get together. We live about 10 miles away from each other, but I don't think I have seen her since August. However, when we do get together, it is just where we left off. Those are the best kinds of friends, the ones that make live extra special.

Sandy said...

Well wow, I wanna be your friend. Love those socks! and yummm...I always love perfume.

Glad you got the opportunity to spend time with such a good friend. I know how that goes, when time flies and you realize how long it has been.

I just had a good friend of mine here last week one day and we had a great visit and caught up.

So nice to do here and there.