Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Can You See the Real Me?

If you're reading this, my MacBook is still in the garage for repairs. I thought I'd post a picture of the real me to entertain you. This is me in denial over the state of my skin. I never had acne in my life until I gave birth to my 3rd child eighteen years ago. What a mess my skin has been since. This is me attempting to make things look better. The mask is temporary. Or is it? It does help but I hate it. I'd rather not be in my fifties and putting up with acne.

Speaking of the real me, this is one of my favorite songs from my most favorite album. Ever. If I didn't work evenings, I'd have made an attempt to see these guys last night. My son got last minute tickets and went. I told him the secret for buying last minute seats for sold out events at box office prices. It works. I've seen The Who the last 2 times they've been to town. I listen to individual songs from this collection all the time, but the last time I listened to Quadrophenia from start to finish was on a beach in South Carolina. It was September 2002 and not a soul was around. Just me, the beach, the ocean, my CD player and The Who. The weather was beautiful and I had the beach to myself. It's time to repeat that week of R & R. I just need to find a warm beach first.


Brenda said...

The relaxation you described sounds WONDERFUL. I also have acne at 57. Has to be stress related. Funny, when you posted this with the music video, I started remembering how I stumbled upon you in blogospere. I think you caught my attention because you liked rock music from the seventies. One of my favorite groups back then was and still is Supertramp. The Who, of course, were great also. Have a rockin great day!

The Crusty Crone said...

I had serious acne in my teens and twenty. So bad that a stranger came up to me on the bus and asked in a horrified voice "what is wrong with your face?" That was fun. I was trying to ignore it, but leave it to an adult to embarrass a teenager.... in public.

Hide behind a mask if you want to, good bone structure is the basis of beauty and I see good bone structure. I feel for ya, having to deal with the acne, but look at it this way. You wouldn't want to be perfect, would you?

flydragon said...

I can definitely see the real you under there. You look just like the little crying girl on the other side except you're a bit older now and have your holloween mask on. :)
I also thought your post "Discourse on Leaves" was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

This is what we missed last night:

I Can't Explain
The Seeker
Getting In Tune
Who Are You?
Behind Blue Eyes
Baba O'Reilly
Sister Disco
Mike Post Theme
Eminence Front
Love Reign O'er Me
My Generation
Won't Get Fooled Again

Magic Bus
Pinball Wizard
Amazing Journey
See Me/Feel Me
Tea and Theatre

When they return we will have to go and see them.....Maybe it will be at the Fox!


Anonymous said...

I'd suggest going on November 3rd, but you probably have to work.


PS: They will be in DC

laurie said...

your beach vacation sounds appealing, and i am not a beach person.

funny about the mask...i don't have the patience for that kind of maintenance. i'm sure i'd be gorgeous if i did.

Anonymous said...

you, me, beach..December 23rd thru January 2nd??? What do you think?

Betty Flocken said...

Yeah, Wrinkles, Saggy skin AND Pimples.. What is UP with that!? Love the photo though. I should do something to help my skin..

Sandy said...

What a peaceful picture you paint...

Loved the mask photo...Which reminds me, I need to do one of those. I think I had just turned fifty when I did my last one...and that's been quite awhile.

SUPERTRamp....take the long way home...I loved that one!!!
Brenda's comment reminded me of that group.