Friday, October 10, 2008

BC 3 Day Rainbow

There are a few fresh pictures in this video and some new music. My sister and I are considering different venues next year. We like Washington, D.C. for an October walk. Or San Francisco again. That was fun, but brutal. The San Jose bike police seem to take the edge off though! Hmmm. If I wanted to crew again, I'd need a nursing license for those areas. I'll think about that. Maybe I should just consider walking it again. It'd be my real three-peat. I've already walked it twice. I'd need some serious training though. Anyone want to join us? What would be your choice for the perfect venue? Here are the choices with lines through the ones I think would be too damn hot to walk (Detroit's 2005 July walk saw a heat index of 100 degrees-blech):

2009 Breast Cancer 3-Day Schedule
Boston July 24-26
Cleveland July 31 - August 2
Chicago August 7-9
Michigan August 14-16
Twin Cities August 21-23  ***I don't know-is it hot in August?***
Denver August 28-30 ***could be pretty***
Seattle September 11-13 ***won't it be raining?***
San Francisco Oct. 2-4 ***San Jose Bike Cops are hot, hot, hot!***
 D.C.  October 9-11 ***Maybe we'd see President Obama!***
Philadelphia Oct. 16-18 ***can you taste the cheesesteaks?***
Atlanta October 23-25***Hotlanta!***
Tampa Oct.30-Nov.1 ***Isn't it still hurricane season?***
Dallas Nov. 6-8 ***falls flat but is the home of  Komen***
Arizona November 13-15 ***can you say SNAKE?!?!***
San Diego November 20-22***Lots of MIUs near a naval base!***


the rotten correspondent said...

I would love to do it. I was signed up to do the 3-day walk in Northern California when my kids were younger, but when my husband got a job kind of last minute teaching in Ann Arbor, I couldn't do it.

You pick the city. If I can swing it, I'll be there. How wonderful would that be??

Anonymous said...

The Twin Cities aren't usually unbearable in late August. Late July-early August seems to be when the worst of the heat occurs.

Betty Flocken said...

That sounds like fun; I can't walk that far right now. AZ... no snakes in November.. They've gone to bed for the winter.. So they say!