Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Turn a Deaf Ear

This week, despite the approaching full moon and meteor showers, has started off in a rather decent way. It's early in the week so I don't want to talk too much about it and reign hell (or meteors) upon myself. Friday is still a long way off. I only had one phone call last night, one start of care and one evaluation to do. Not too bad. Parkinson's Law aside, I actually finished my work in under the time alloted for it's completion . It only got murky when I did a visit on the other side of town for my afternoon shift partner. We each cover a different side of town. She is the one who either woke up on the wrong side of the bed or had someone invoke some bad mojo on her.

I went to do a visit for her and got greeted with lots of phrases like "do I have to call your supervisor?" Sheesh. Repeatedly. First, I am 51 years old. Not 11. If you feel compelled to get my boss out of bed, have at it. I try very hard at times like these to maintain my composure. It was all I could do to patch things up and get back on track. I do not have a split apart. There are two of us to cover ALL of southeast Michigan at night and apparently, one of them has a curse. I don't know how I got through it, but I did. Calmly. Sometimes, it's best to give in and realize that this moment will end and all will be better. Eventually.

One thing that makes things better is my knitting. This is the front (or back since they're identical) of Flow. The yarn is a linen/rayon mix of fabulosity called Seduce in Passimenterire Green. I want to get it done so I can wear it with my white linen pants while it's still summer. I think I'll get there. Most of the shaping is done and I'll start binding off at the armholes today. After that, it's a quick knit to the top and I'll have half of it done. I cast this on last Thursday so I'm making good time. This pattern is super simple and I will make this tank top again.

I don't know about this yarn though. It's very beautiful but has a rough hand. I understand it blooms a bit when washed but for now, it hurts my hands to handle it for too long. The yarn is also slippery when wound so the ball unravels. I advise winding one ball at a time and keeping it in a sandwich baggie to keep it's shape. That way, it won't be a tangled mess half way through the skein. Ask me how I know. Better yet, ask my husband. He untangled half a skein for me and gets an award for patience. If not for him, I'd have pitched 50 yards of perfectly good yarn.


Brenda said...

Turn a Deaf Ear was a perfect title for your post. Sometimes people can be so silly and mean. I had some other things to say about it but decided silly and mean sounded better. Ha Ha
And moving on to your sweater...sounds like you will get it done and thanks for the tips on the yarn. If I ever get time to get back into knitting I know where to come for help!
Have a great day!

Rudee said...

Brenda, eventually, I'll lure you back to knitting. Last night was interesting and now over. I tried very hard to stay awake for the meteor showers but fell asleep about an hour before they were visible.

You have a great day too!

Rositta said...

Must be the full moon, sometimes people get weird and stress doesn't help. I love the color of that yarn, it will look lovely on you...ciao

laurie said...

that yarn is gorgeous. and i can totally see it with white linen.

Rudee said...

Thanks Laurie. The first half is done. Mostly. It's waiting for the second half, a couple of seams and some neckline magic. Maybe by Sunday, I'll have a new top.