Friday, August 15, 2008

I Love a Winner

The election nonsense in Detroit is heating up-big time. There is plenty of noise about Detroit's scandal laden thug mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick. Everybody wants him to just go away, including me. I was annoyed this morning when his latest hearing interrupted the Olympic coverage. Out of desperation, I watched Ocean's 13. Again.

Morning eye redundant legal hearings any day.

Barack Obama would like Kwame to step down from his post. The Democratic National Convention would like Kwame to stay the hell away from Denver. Since Kwame is required to continue wearing his GPS tether, perhaps their wish will come true. However, they shouldn't count on this-Kwame has continually demonstrated disdain toward any naysayers. The presidential candidate does not want to be tied in any way, shape or form to Detroit politics. Kwame has asked the Michigan governor for a pardon. The governor has told Kwame he needs to be convicted of a crime before he can be pardoned. Score cards will be handed out later.

An easier election to follow was for my autumn sweater project. Lucky for me, only one sweater won and I don't have to knit them all. Not that I won't take them all on. Eventually. The electorate has spoken though and I'll be knitting the Textured Tunic by Stefanie Japel. The good news is I don't have to buy the pattern since I own it. The bad news is it won't be for me-unless I lose this stubborn twenty ten pounds I carry as extra baggage. I have a feeling my rolls won't look flattering in this sweater. Subsequently, it'll be for my daughter. Lucky her.

I have found a beautiful yarn in which to construct this sweater. It's Louisa Harding's Hand Dyed Grace in kiwi green. This yarn is light enough to show the detailed stitching involved in this project. Since it's hand dyed, color variegation should be present in the yarn and add interesting detail. My local yarn store is expecting a shipment of this new yarn any day. I hope it's today. Even though my schedule is full, I'm going to make time to go fetch the yarn for this sweater.

Maybe it'll help me avoid news about Kwame and his troubles.


Rose said...

The yarn for the sweater looks great; so nice to knit for your daughter! As for Detroit politics, the Middlesex book I just finished (loved it) had a lot of the history of Detroit and its politics in it, stuff I wasn't aware of prior to reading the book. Good one.

Rudee said...

I've not heard of this book Rose. I'll check it out. The history of detroit politics is interesting. We have a rich history-but lately, the scandals wear thin for me.

J. S. said...

I hate our mayor. Welcome to Detroit where even they mayr has to wear a teather. What does that say about us to the rest of the world? JS

Rudee said...

I'm with you JS. It's so pathetic and a terrible embarrassment for all of us. You can't say this doesn't reflect on those living in the suburbs, because it does.