Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I'm Too Indecisive

In looking for my next big project to tackle, I've come across quite a few patterns I think are fabulous. I'm trying to narrow them down. I really can't figure which one I like most. Why don't you pick your favorite to help me narrow it down?

There is the Mrs. Darcy Cardigan pattern by Mary Weaver. It's a free pattern that will require a bit of math to convert to my size. Though I've not done this before, there is a lot of information on how to do this right in my own library of books. Thank you Ann Budd and Elizabeth Zimmerman. I wonder, do I love the sweater or is it the color? I think this color is beautiful.

I love this sweater too. It's the Simple Knitted Bodice by Stefanie Japel. I'd have to buy the pattern from Stitch Diva Studios but that isn't a problem. There is a short and a long sleeved version. I like both. This shade of green is probably my favorite color on the planet.

This is Stefanie Japel's pattern, Textured Tunic. I asked for this book, Fitted Knits, on my last Christmas wish list. I wanted it solely for this pattern. There are 25 stunning patterns in this book that I've considered knitting. I still love this one the most. When I opened the gift, given to me by my oldest daughter, she had put post-it notes on everything SHE wanted. This is one of them. The post-it on this one said "me likey." I don't blame her. Me likey too.

Two of these patterns appeal to me for that fabulous yellow shade. There is something they all have in common and that's the shaping and contrasting stitch work. I can't decide. I've narrowed down the yarn. Cascade 220 in light gold. I think.
I've put a poll on my sidebar. Please help a girl out and vote for your favorite. I'll knit the one with the most votes.


Anonymous said...

Me likey the last one for me in the color green (if that is possible)...otherwise yellow is fine. Me likey the green one for you....if you must knit something for yourself.

Love the oldest daughter.

Rudee said...

But of course you like it. And, anything is possible. I'll think about it. The check is in the mail. So much to knit, so little time. Hmmm. What other excuses can I come up with?

Brenda said...

I really wanted to vote for the first one, but it sounds hard to do so I just voted for all of them, which was not fair, because that defeats the purpose of your poll. Sorry. But now that I have cast my vote, I just wanted to say maybe I should have said the first one. But "oldest daughter" you know she will knit that one for you, and maybe in time for Christmas?!??!

Rudee said...

Brenda, I don't think #1 is hard to do. It'll just require a bit of math. I love # 3 and Oldest Daughter would look STUNNING in it. I love the peek a boo shoulder. Now I need to hunt for green yarn.

Rositta said...

I picked number 3, also love the yellow color a lot, but really they are all fabulous...ciao

Keetha said...

Came here from Mrs. G's 5K Ass Project thing but I had to chime in - I love that green sweater. :-)

laurie said...

they look beautiful....on those lithe models.

sweaters (even though i wear them all winter) make me look totally square. i'm small busted, short torsoed, and i have,um hips.

so i always look like a cube, no matter the shape of the sweater.


but that last tunic-y one is beautiful.

on someone else.

Anonymous said...

The oldest daughter has placed her vote...and she agrees with her mummy. She would look "stunning" in

owiatw said...

let thy hands rest

Rudee said...

Rositta-isn't that sweater beautiful? It's in Lana Grosa tweed. Not sure the color but it is stunning.

Rudee said...

Hi Keetha,

Whatever Mrs G is losing, I'm finding. Up 2 pounds down 2 pounds. I hope you're having better luck.

I like the green one too and the two yellow ones. That is my problem. The sweater with the most votes wins.

Thanks for dropping by.

Rudee said...


You just think that way because no one has knit you an item made just for you-exactly to your proportions. You'd be amazed what proper sizing would do to un-cube you.

Rudee said...

Me first anon. In yellow. You can borrow it.

OWIATW-you've got to be kidding! I still have tendonitis and I'm still knitting. Believe me, I won't let it stop me from stuffing peppers on Saturday either.