Friday, August 1, 2008

How Well Do You Really Know Your Mate?

Last month, my bank instituted new online banking security features that require answering some personal questions.  I understand the need for security, I really do.  Is it too much to ask to make questions answerable to people who hold a joint account? 

I did not know the city of birth for my father in law.  I knew my mother in law's.  I have no idea which particular school my husband attended during a certain period of time in his academic career.  For the life of me, unless he is home, I can't access my bank account.  Dammit.

As an aside, someone I know told me banking security issues today that shocked me.  This is his field of specialty.  He says there were over 7 million attempts to hack into their system in June.  7,000,000.  That's a lotta zeroes.  He told me it's ok to use my debit card at a bank but nowhere else.  He advised using it only as a credit card at any merchant anywhere.  He was also describing how thieves (mainly organized crime) around the world steal your digits and passwords.  Holy Shit.  I really didn't have a clue-and maybe you don't either.  

I've never had it happen to me, but it has happened to my husband.  And now, I know how it all came about.  He used his debit card in Detroit and before you could say Bob's you uncle, the thieves had tried spending a boatload of money in 3 different cities at the same time.

So, I'll forgive my bank.  I'll have to grill my better half for the rest of the answers.  I think I may only be missing one.  Too bad for me, it's the one I need right now.  I can't believe that I don't know the answers after living with him for 21 years.


Brenda said...

I had to deal with all that also, but I was really glad I did, because it made me feel so much more secure about it all. I also like how if you are viewing your accounts on line there is a timer that times you out for protection. I have to write all that stuff down. There are supposed to be programs to save all of the passwords for you. Good information to pass on though about identify theft. Even blogging sometimes worries me. Can't live in a cave though, or fear, so guess we just take some chances!

Rudee said...

You're right, we can't live hidden away Brenda. I've got all the answers I need now so I can log on to my account.

mare said...

Instead of really answering the questions with the correct answer, just pick a answer and use it for all the questions. For instance: Where were you born? Yellow. Mother's maiden name? Yellow.

That way, it doesn't matter if you know the correct answer.


Rudee said...

What a good idea Kathy. It's easy enough for others (not me) to know the answers to important and personal questions.

lil' kim said...

Ruth, Don't feel bad about not knowing every bit of info about your hubby... at least you remember your anniversary.

Rudee said...

You have a point l'il kim. He remembered this year though!