Sunday, August 17, 2008


As I was out running errands today, I passed by the local high school band out raising money by washing cars for donations. Even though they wake me up every morning in August with loud band practice, I hold no ill will towards the members of the band. Not much anyway. I could hold my breath and walk to the high school. On the mornings they practice, I've considered trying to see if I could spit and reach anyone. They still pretty much suck right now. In another week, I may be able to open the windows and listen to them and the birds at the butt crack of dawn. If I'd had a camera, I'd have shown you a picture of the students washing the local fire truck. Instead, you'll have to use your imagination since SOMEBODY has "borrowed" my camera.

Well, I won't argue with Buddha, will you? This is same sort of wisdom Mom used to use. "Just because everyone else is jumping off the bridge, doesn't mean you have to join them." Thanks Mom. That little nugget came in handy on more than one occasion and I never once had a desire to jump off any bridges. I did plenty of other bad sh*t, but never jumped off a bridge.

Although this looks like desert, it sort of reminds me of my drives through Pennsylvania. There is not a damn thing to do on that turnpike-except speed. Mind boggling, butt numbing nothingness. I was missing Virginia today until I remembered my last drive on the turnpike.

I worked so hard all week and was looking forward to nothing. Nothing to do and nowhere to go. My wish has been granted and right at this moment, I'm bored out of my ever-lovin' mind. I'm so bored, I've been over at this place wasting time. Let me just say I'm sorry in advance.

If that doesn't suit your fancy, even if I don't know why, maybe this will. I watched this movie again and I always laugh my ass off during this scene:

There's something to be said for doing nothing all day.


BJ said...

What a great post! I've had many "do nothing" days. I still love them. Maybe I'll have one today.

And the video clip.......OMG! I love that movie. I've seen it many times. That's my mentality....crazy, stupid slapstick stuff like that! It made me laugh again.

And you deserve a do nothing day after your week. have an excuse!

Have a great Sunday!

Rudee said...

Nothing days are great bj. We should all try to have one once in awhile. I did finish knitting a pair of socks yesterday so while doing nothing, I accomplished something.