Saturday, August 30, 2008


Three is a significant number. In mathematics, it is the first odd prime number, a number divisible by one and itself. It's also the fourth number (0 is first) in the Fibonacci sequence, a number that is the sum of it's two preceding numbers (the first two numbers are 0 and 1, add 0 +1=1, 1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, and so on.) The most interesting way I know to use this mathematical sequence is by knitting the Fibonacci scarf. Patterns that utilize this sequence are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Designers use Fibonacci and so do architects. A Fibonacci sequence was a key part of the book The Da Vinci Code proving that authors can also be clever with this concept.

Nature's clever use of Fibonacci. A perfect spiral.

Things in nature often come in threes. In science, the three parts to an atom are the proton, neutron and electron. Sheesh, I promise this isn't a science lecture. If you look up in the winter sky at night (best visible October through January), you'll see that Orion's belt has three stars. The genus Homo has 3 species, the homo habilis, homo erectus and homo sapien (that would be us humans.) There are also 3 types of primates including prosimians, monkeys and apes. My husband likes gorillas. He has been to the Detroit Zoo three times this month in an attempt to actually see gorillas at the zoo. I think he was convinced that there weren't any at all and that their natural habitat exhibit was really a sham. It wasn't until his third visit that he actually saw the gorillas. This proves that three is indeed a lucky number. Depending on the source, three is either the first lucky number, or the second.

Orion's Belt

Three represents the number of patients I admitted last night. It takes me about 3 hours to admit a patient if the whole thing goes without a glitch (patient is comfortable, doctor calls back promptly, family is receptive and calm.) If you've been polishing your math skills while reading this, here is an equation for you:

3 x 3=_____ + 2 =_____+ 1 =_____= Rudee's night. Not surprisingly, the answer is divisible by three. Mixed in between these admissions were multiple, and I mean multiple calls for problems. Things like, "oh, I didn't notice but I'm all out of my prescription and the pharmacy is closed." Uh, OK. I'll get right on that. I had to pull a rabbit out of the hat on that one, but I did get a script called in THREE minutes before another pharmacy closed. Lucky number three.

Three is also the atomic number for lithium. I wish one of the people I visited last night had a little of that on hand. Hell, I wish I did for that matter. Three is the number of hours it is going to take me to finish charting on the admissions I did last night. After I finish this, I officially begin my three day weekend. Three days of doing NOTHING. I don't go back to work until THREE on Tuesday.

ETA: three is also the number of times I edited this post after I published it. Four if you include this note.


Rositta said...

Very clever...three minutes it took to load your blog (dial up), 9 hours to fire the kiln and the guys have been out fishing three hours, grrr...ciao

Rudee said...

Dial up-unfortunate! Firing the kiln-way to stick with a plan! And, you'll have fresh fish for dinner-hopefully. Have a great weekend Rositta.

Anonymous said...

Three ears of corn are waiting for you along with Three freshly picked vine Ripened Tomotoes and yes Dinner starts at 3.


Rose said...

Good grief, you need to buy a lottery ticket! Enjoy!

Rudee said...

Anon-for you, I'll make you your own pot of rice pudding in exchange for the corn.

I didn't get a lottery ticket Rose. With the neighborhoods I was in, I was too afraid to stop and get one in between my cases.

Brenda said...

Very interesting and I love the images you chose. I have heard bad luck comes in threes, but mine came in fives or maybe it isn't over yet. Forgot about that in the DiVinci Code.

Sandy said...

ahhh informative post and the photo is great..of the sunflower.

I noticed awhile back, several years ago about the "three thing".. I would notice that if I would see the same thing three times in a row (such as someone wearing a pair of red framed glasses) within the span of a day, magic was a happening...

I enjoyed this!