Saturday, August 2, 2008

Knitter Down

Today is my best friend's birthday. I've been knitting like a fiend to finish what I started for her. A fiend. Since last Saturday, I've knit a sock and a half and now, I'm sitting here writing this one handed with an ice pack on my left hand.

I can't believe I have tendonitis. In my left hand. In the thumb joint where the thumb meets the hand. It's exquisitely tender. The onset was so abrupt that I was taken by complete surprise. I was fine and then I wasn't. It seems like an odd spot for a knitting related injury since all my left hand does is hold the needles. I use my right hand to knit. Well, I obviously use both because knitting would be near impossible one handed. As I've discovered.

This is where the injury resides. Just remove the pencil and insert a US size 2 knitting needle.

This is the Finklestein test for a particular type of thumb tendonitis. I think Finklestein was a sadist. And yes, I have a positive test. I think if there was audio to go with the video in that link, you may get a better idea of how painful this condition is right now.

I feel badly, but Fanette is going to get one sock for her gift today. Unfortunately, she has two feet and I have one sock completely done and the second is waiting to have the gusset stitches picked up. I wanted to start the project I bought the Seduce yarn for too and it looks like that will be on hold for awhile. At the very least, I wanted to swatch for that.

I've started my low tech healing process and I hope it hastens my recovery. I'm taking an anti-inflammatory medication around the clock. Once an hour, I go to the freezer and take out the bag of peas. I apply the bag to my thumb and let it sit until the peas thaw. I put the peas back in the freezer and wait for them to get icy cold again and repeat. I need to get an immobilizer to rest my thumb and my knitting needles are idle. Sniff.


Miss 376 said...

Ouch! This things always strike at the most inconvenient times Hope it heals soon

Rudee said...

I'm doing my best to ignore it Miss. It's so tender. I'm off to buy an immobilizer to see if that helps. If not, I'll go buy some yarn and roving. I've an itch to knit thrummed mittens.

Brenda said...

I really will be hoping and praying for it get better Rudee. I have a fear of this happening to me. I need my hands and arms in good working order..well..that was a stupid thing to say because everyone does.duh! But what I mean is your knitting and my sewing brings us so much joy. It would be hard to not be able to do them.

I have it in my foot and get sound wave therapy and taping for 3 days and so far it is helping a lot!

Rudee said...

Hi Brenda,

Thanks. It is still soooo tender. No knitting for me-but I still went to the yarn store. lolol. I bought stuff for the mittens. And for other stuff too.

Anonymous said...

Once I managed to knit myself tendonitis in both arms. Argh. Given that I'm a writer, it had a bad impact on my workday. I did the anti-imflammatory/ice/etc. What really helped was getting some acupuncture, a few treatments followed by a deep tissue massage (the latter was awfully painful--it left bruises!), which finally made it go bye-bye. But I still have to limit myself on knitting time.

Rudee said...

Gosh Amy, I can't bear the thought of anyone touching my hand. It feels so bad. I've really gone the low tech way for healing. I stocked up on Nature Made Balanced B-50. I hope that helps. I'm told it's great for tendonitis and nerve pain.

laurie said...

i feel your pain. i get it in my wrists from time to time. i have had to limit myself in things i like to do, such as bike riding and weight-lifting, because any kind of strong grip exacerbates it.

mine comes from keyboarding, and it's not in my thumbs; it's in my wrists.

i have had to go to PT twice for this and it helped a lot--wonderful ultrasound, a little bit of massage, and a heated-up bag of rice on my shoulders (where the pain travels).


feel better. ibuprofin is good too.

sorry to lead you astray with THRUMMED

Rudee said...

Laurie, I bought the yarn and the roving yesterday. I can't wait to make those mittens! There will be a post on this today.

Rositta said...

Oh I hope it gets better soon. I get the same thing and have a thumb brace but really, the only thing that works for me is Voltaren topical diflunisal. Unavailable in Canada but I stock up when in Europe. The alternative here is prescription Pensaid (not available in U.S. yet, but soon) which is also great just more expensive. Take a break...ciao

Rudee said...

It's better but only because I've been TBTK (too busy to knit). I've been running my arse off with work. I worked days today so maybe after dinner, I'll do a bit of knitting. I should go to the guild group knit tonight but I'm whooped.