Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Weekend of Nothing was Plenty

Drops Studio free headband pattern knit from my handspun. It was going great until I kitchnered it inside out. This is one of the things I'm donating for that benefit this weekend. I don't know if I have it in me to fix the problem. Maybe. We'll see.

I've had one long, lazy weekend. There are things I needed to do that didn't get done, but I did get caught up on some things.

I'm all caught up on Top Chef. I'd fallen behind these past couple of weeks, so I'm thankful I did get that accomplished. I like this show and find myself amazed at the talent out there. I'm rooting for a showdown between the two brothers. That family must have some amazing holiday meals!

I also watched an episode of Housewives of Atlantic City. The only reason I did this is because the remote was 6 feet away and I was too lazy to get up to change channels. In the past, I've tried watching these shows (HW of NY, and OC), and I'm at a loss trying to understand them. While I'm sure this show has its fans, to me it's a waste of air time. I'd rather watch Tom Colicchio.

While it was a laid back weekend, I wasn't completely unproductive. There was no spinning circle this weekend, but I did have a fellow spinner come by to pass some quality spinning time on my porch. We walked to the yarn store and I bought some hand cards, which until now, I haven't really needed, and she showed me how to use them. There are no more excuses for failing to spin my friend's dog's fur.

The offending fiber is on the top bobbin. Don't let the pretty natural colors fool you, this has been hell to spin.

I still haven't spun Boomer's fiber because I'm having trouble with the blend (amongst other issues). It can't be spun alone because it's too short and I'm trying to stay true to his colors. He was a Newfie, and while in the big picture he appeared black like a big old wooly bear, he had a lot of grey and brown in him, too. I bought some dark natural alpaca and had some dark BFL. The blend of the three is fairly close. My problem though is working with this stuff. I itch like crazy after about an hour of spinning. It doesn't matter if I'm carding or spinning the fibers, everything itches. So yesterday, I carded outdoors for two hours then spun the rolags. This yielded only half a bobbin before I had to stop, shower and take a benadryl. I can only think it must be the dog. I have to get this done! I may take it up to the shop to use the drum carder so I can finally get this project behind me.

Oh sure, it's pretty, but I abhor those sleeves. It's painful to think how many times I've knit them. Third times a charm.

In addition to spinning Boomer, I finished my swatch for the knit along, spent a fortune at the yarn store, knit a headband and dragged out Sara's sweater. I put it on the model so the unfinished sleeves can taunt me into action. They need to be ripped out and redone.


Miss T said...

I'm rooting for Kevin. And I think you're right, that both brothers could wind up in the finals. Serious talent, there.

Queenmothermamaw said...

I agree with you about the moderating the comments. I realized that was not for me. Yep, my golfing days were a hoot and a holler. My boyfriend was a golfer and I had to take it up to string along with him. I did love golf, but when I met handsome he didn't golf and I switched to roller skating. Roller Skating was a big deal in my home town in about 1958 I was out of highschool and in training then to be an x-ray tech and that was about all there was to do there. We roller skated even after we married. Roller skated and HH was into Go-Kart racing. That stopped with the kiddos started coming, and that was pretty fast.

Rose said...

I don't think I'd re-do the headband; they can put that part in the back, under their hair, right?

Brenda said...

Sounds like you had a perfect weekend except for the itching. You sound really determined to make it work though. I see on your sidebar ticker that you will have a vacation in 10 days. Good for you!

Gail said...

My sister had a friend that made sweathers with her dog hair and she the smell never left it. On a rainy day, she still smelled like a dog. I guess she was doing something wrong.

Kathleen said...

Love the knit work. Also curious about the curios on the cabinet.