Monday, June 1, 2009

Stay Thirsty

Yesterday, Stephanie did a post on kitsch and today, I'm stealing her theme. Here is more over the top entertainment from yet another Canadian.

The Red Wings take their show on the road Tuesday and are up by two in this best of seven series. Because NBC seems to be having a love fest for Sidney Crosby (captain on the Pittsburgh team), I'm thankful that we get the Canadian Broadcasting Co. station. In fact on NBC, it's not the Stanley Cup Finals, it's the Sidney Crosby show. All Sidney, all the time. Though CBC broadcasts in high def, we don't get it in high definition here. I wish I could figure out a way to listen to the audio from CBC and match it to the picture streaming in on NBC.

I received one text last night about which orifice Sidney may look to find the elusive puck the Wings kept from him. Good one, FTM!


Stephanie V said...

Thanks, Rudee! I'm delighted to be mentioned in the same post as such luminosity...must be something in our Canadian water LOL

Silliyak said...

A local whorehouse was the victim of a robbery recently. Someone stole their drapes. How did they end up as this guy's suit?

Rudee said...

Silllyak-hah! Drapes for Grapes. That's Don's nickname-grapes.

Since we share a waterway with Canada, this hockey madness all makes sense now. It's in the water.

Anonymous said...

After the 5th game was over, with Chicago. Versus; put up a advertisement for the Stanley cup finals. They had a picture of Yegveni Melkin and Sydney Crosby.....No Red Wings;Just these two...So yes it is the Sydney Cup Playoffs.
I cannot take credit for the Pucks location. That came from the Big one....Still the Best line of the night had to be about Pierre's head and how far it might have to go to find that Puck...Good One Ruttie Patootee.

Perhaps its time for a web cam...


Rositta said...

Geesh, I thought they were my drapes, I had to actually go look and make sure they were still in place,lol...I like Don MacLean too...ciao