Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Runaway Train Saga

Sitting here today, I find myself pondering whether I've been like Pollyanna in respect to Rachel's Place. Here I am, an obvious simpleton, thinking we've done such a wonderful thing, and what could possibly go wrong. It's our time to live a little and enjoy whatever years we have left on this planet without having to be 24/7 caregivers, while simultaneously preparing our Rachel for a life when mom and dad are no longer around. We gave our daughter and 3 other women a safe place to live and turned that home into a haven for them. What was I thinking when I thought this act of love could only bring good karma my way? Although on some level, I was prepared for a cosmic smackdown (I'm used to it), it still took me by complete surprise. I am completely taken aback by how serious and complicated these anonymous, unsubstantiated allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior have become. Today I find myself completely powerless to stop this snowball.

Why do people lash out in such extraordinary ways? The accuser wanted only to stick her colleague with a barb. The sexual nature of her complaint mandates investigation. Others are calling it a nuisance complaint, but when I hear second hand that the investigators are asking the school, roommates and other staff if Rachel is acting out in a sexual manner, I find myself royally pissed off. It's more than a nuisance, it's deeply personal. Although protective services has called me and signed off on this deceitful claim, another agency within the county won't. They won't call me and they won't sign off. They tell me that as the guardian, I have no rights. And all of this time, I thought I was my daughter's voice that she doesn't have. I'm a foolish, foolish woman to have put my trust in others. I've no choice now, but to watch while this colossal waste of time, energy and money continues unabated.

Lord, I'm helpless in this matter, so I'm giving it to you.

Comments are closed.  I just needed to vent before my head exploded.  What better place than my own haven?

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