Saturday, May 30, 2009

For Love of the Game

My love of the game of hockey came from my brother. Sure my parents liked hockey, but they didn't play. My brother did, both on a league, and in the hallway of my parent's home. The words, "He Shoots...He Scores," echoed throughout the house all day long. As he grew up, he gave up playing hockey, both the real thing and the pretend games, developing instead, a love of golf.

I miss watching the games with my brother (and my mother, too). Instead, I settle for play by play texts throughout the game. It's almost as good as watching a game with him. Almost. There are usually some off color remarks, maybe some cursing and a lot of cheering in his texts. Every time I get one, I can hear him saying the words. I think he should have been an announcer. He certainly has the enthusiasm for it.

In the event you couldn't possibly care less, but maybe read this out of politeness, today is game one of the Stanley Cup Final between Detroit and Pittsburgh. Home ice advantage goes to the Wings.

Thanks, Fudge, for sharing your love of this game and for your texts during each playoff game. It makes the watching more fun. Oh, and Fudge, you're right- NBC coverage sucks. I'm going back to the Canadian channel.

Update: Wings take game one.


Gail said...

I have never ice skated nor played hockey but have watched a few games and it is exciting.

I can see why you are hooked.

SkippyMom said...

I love that you guys text during the game! Pooldad and I had a great time watching our Caps trying to get into the finals [they made it exciting to say the least] - but I hope your team wins. I love these posts.


Pyzahn said...

That is tres cool that you enjoy the game "together" via text. It's late, I haven't heard the score,but I hope you had fun and didn't scream too much.

I get too excited at sporting events. If I'm watching an important game on TV, I tune in the last ten minutes. If I watched the whole thing, I'd get way too worked up. I'm not so much a sport enthusiast as a over zealous fan.

Rudee said...

Pyzahn- Red Wings 3-Penguins 1. Quack.

Cynthia said...

Rudee, I can't say that I understand the love of sports...but I do love to share in the spectator's delight. I marvel at the enthusiasm and temporary freedom of speech and body movement the viewers display.

When I call my sister, sometimes I can hear her husband shouting and groaning in the background. It's delightful. All "for the love of the game"!!!

Brenda said...

Your brother sounds like a keeper! And a good friend to you Rudee. Go Wings!!!! (Hope my family doesn't see this.) Cheering for the Red wings I mean.

Rositta said...

Go Red Wings go. Good game last night. Your right, Canadian tv coverage is better and you get Grapes...ciao

Rudee said...

Cynthia, hockey is a great spectator sport. It's much more exciting in person, but it's ok to watch on the tube, too.

Brenda, you can say to your family you're cheering the Wings because you can't bear to see an Eastern conference team to win. Hah.

Rositta, Game 2 tonight. Grapes looked insane last night. Can't wait to see what he wears tonight.

Anonymous said...

Grapes outfit was outstanding, I can't wait to see it tonight. Mom sure loved her hockey. I can still here her yelling......Fight! Fight Hit that SOB. You could hear her clear down the street; maybe thats why Herbie was over all the time.

We get PP head Pierre again tonight.

Go Wings Go!


CT said...

Rudee, my brother introduced me to the world of sports too! there's no hockey league that I know of in Mexico, but Soccer is a huge thing! we would go to games, watch them on tv while each cheering their own team and teasing each other, and eating peanuts with hot sauce and a beer.. sigh!

your post about you and your brother sharing a hockey game at a distance sent me back a dozen years... :D I think I'm gonna call my brother now!

Jadekitty said...

Yea for Canadian channels :)