Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Silence is Golden

For three weeks now, a professional painting crew has been scraping, prepping and painting the house across the street.  You know, the same painters who must have given themselves whiplash from ogling my scantily clad neighbors.  Because of the rains, they've been coming intermittently and seem to be taking forever to get the job done.  They set up at 8 AM sharp and begin a conversation that breaks the morning silence.  One of them has a baritone voice that probably carries miles and he's the one I have it in for.  I can't figure out if I hate him because he has a loud voice and awakens me everyday, or if it's because he sounds exactly like my ex.  Probably both.  His partner doesn't bother me, either because he is respectfully quiet, or because he can't seem to get a word in edgewise.  

In desperation Monday, I looked up their company on line and lo and behold, the loud mouth has a website.  I emailed him and told him that some people work nights, and it would be nice if he'd pipe down.  So far, it's working.  He never emailed me back, but he doesn't start running his yap until 11 now.  If I could just get the garbage truck to come by at 11 instead of 8 on Wednesdays, life would be good.

I made a huge dent in the shawl yesterday.  There are only 16 pattern rows remaining before I start the border.  Thanks to the garbage men, I'll be getting a jump on those rows today.

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Stephanie V said...

Even garbage trucks can useful to knitters - who knew? I'm impressed that you're so close to the end of your shawl.

Brenda said...

Makes you wish you lived in the country I bet. I know I would love to.. at least see if I like it. Trying to talk the hubby into it. I crave peace and quiet most days.

Anonymous said...

Night shift must be busy for a hospice nurse. During the day there is family around but at night things seem to get more dramatic. Do you have regular visits to make or do you only go when called? Love reading your blog. Blessings

Miss 376 said...

I used to hate those people that rang every couple minutes until you answered the phone. Maybe they think people who work nights don't need sleep. Well done on the shawl, 16 rows sounds doable

Pyzahn said...

Oh, you've showed considerable restraint. I've been known to confront noise makers and one of these I'm gonna regret it.

Lisa L said...

Memories of working nights:
Mailman coming at 10ish and dog going beserk trying to break through the window to get him.
Random UPS truck visits at about again goes freakin nutz trying to get the guy in the uniform.
Kids home at 3ish....cheos.... barking.... TV....arguing...(put third pillow over head to block the noise..) Unsuccessful..
Time to pick up littlest from daycare at 5ish.
Make dinner.
Cry in shower at 9pm because of no sleep during the day.
Work at 11pm...bloody exhausted almost to the point of falling asleep at 4am...drink a bazillian cups of coffee..
Come home at 8am (if lucky enough to get off at the right time)
Rinse, and repeat.

Rudee said...

Stephanie, you're definitely a glass half full kind of woman. I admire that.

Brenda, I've shown pictures here of where I want to live. The only noise would be the crickets.

QMM, I am not going to mention the Q word, but it has been incredibly calm. I'm surprised because it's so hot and humid. I start my day with usually 1 start of care then take phone triage from 8pm until midnight. At that time, it's me and one other nurse for all of southeast Michigan including all of Detroit. My shift ends at 12:30 AM, but then it takes at least an hour before even begin to feel sleepy.

Miss- I have about 38 rows left. 8 are the edge (not border), and 30 rows from the chart-only 15 are lace. I dropped a stitch today and almost fainted. We'll talk about my lack of a lifeline when I'm all done.

Lisa- the only thing worse than my shift is midnights. I think I aged 10 years working 1 year of nights. I don't know how nurses with families do it, but I couldn't hack it. It was the worst year of my working life.

Winifred said...

Our bin men don't come until about lunchtime luckily. Same with the recycling van and the garden waste van.

It is awful for people who work shifts, must be so hard. I just lazy and like a lie in. I hate it if the post woman wakes me up at 9.30am with a large envelope or small parcel that won't go through the letterbox. Then there are those people who have retired and obviously can't sleep and just have to mow the lawn early in the morning. Retired? Get a life! Sit and watch daytime TV 'til lunchtime, then mow the lawn.

Renie Burghardt said...

Ha! Email comes in handy sometimes, doesn't it?

Yep, living the country is pretty nice. Just the frogs at the pond, the crickets, and the loud mouth whipporville, around here to keep one up all night! And if I want to cut the grass early, no late sleeping neighbors around here. The deer are up and at 'em way before me. Haha.

Kathleen said...

You've just inspired my next post!

Joanna said...

I think there's nothing worse than listening to workmen's conversations right outside your window when you're trying to sleep. Glad you got some response to your email. Hope you get the rest you need.

Rositta said...

Today was garbage day and it was unnaturally quiet, oh yes...their on strike. Day of of a city wide strike, yuck. Can't wait to see the finished shawl...ciao

Anonymous said...

That's a great way to have handled that.. Much better than walking out on your front porch screaming SHHHUUUTTTT UUUUPPPP!!! Something my husband did one night years ago. :)

Djinn said...

I too have worked nights and hated garbage men. But I'm glad the painters are cutting you SOME slack.