Sunday, June 28, 2009

(Seren)Dipity Doo Dog

                       Dippity Doo Dog
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The mystery of the found dog continues.  What are the odds that I'd find an ad for a lost Shih Tzu with the name of Paris and it would be a completely different dog?  What are the odds that a carjacking was committed in the city that matches the dog's tags and a Shih Tzu was in the stolen car that matched the description of my rescue?  It wasn't her.

The woman  who runs the local Shih Tzu rescue came by with a multi-chip scanner today and as I thought, the dog doesn't have a chip.  She twisted my arm into fostering the dog for the next 7 days by saying her males don't like girl dogs around.   She brought kibble to seal the deal.  Thank you, Cathi.   Oh, and Paris is the real deal-a full blooded pooch-hence the beautiful hat.  Actually, it was Pyzahn and Kathleen who turned me on to the photo bling.  The dog has had a rough go of things; it's the least I could do for her and you have to admit that the hat adds to her appeal.  I think it takes away from the eyeballs and underbite.

Dipity-Doo has stellar manners around people and she's had no accidents in the house.  Our dance card was rather full today.  We started with breakfast at an outdoor cafe and then she went to spinning circle where 8 women fawned over her for 3 hours.  She was such a lady.  

I could get used to this dog stuff again.  In fact, I'm beginning to feel downright criminal in terms of breaking contracts.   Exactly how much damage can a 5 pound dog create?  Who would even know she's here? 


Stephanie V said...

This was definitely meant to can you resist fate?

Joanna said...

You're right--who would know she was there. She's very sweet. I hope it all works out the way it's meant to.

Poetikat said...

When an animal finds you, it's fate!

She's sweet. I love that "women fawned over her for 3 hours". God, I hope you weren't spinning for 3 hours. (Ha ha - wait a minute; you mean actual SPINNING, don't you?) For a minute there I thought it was a cycling exercise class!


Anonymous said...

Once the dog was in my house, I'd be sunk. I made the mistake of stopping by Petco yesterday, at the tail-end of adoption day. All the sad leftover doggies. Oh, it was so hard.

Paris is just too sweet for words. Love the overbite.

SkippyMom said...

Dippity Doo! I LOVE it. ;)

I know you may have a lease that says no dogs - but I have to tell you a lil' story.

We have a lease too and it is restricted to small dogs only [under 25 lbs] so Spot fits that.

And we were happy. Then I saw Scooby - the 110 lb wonder - online and knew he needed me as much as I needed him.

I hesitantly called my landlord and explained that Scooby was close to going to rescue and even if she said No - I would certainly understand - would she consider us adopting him tho'?

One day later - she called and said yes. She raises German Shepard Bomb sniffing dogs for the US Gov and knows what damage a huge dog could do - but she also knew we could give him a good home and we would still take good care of her home.

Dippity Doo is such a teeny baby - I swear it might not hurt to ask if you could adopt him - you might be surprised. And who knows - it may be serendipity, like I said :D hee!

Good luck in all you decide. I know you will absolutely make the best decision for both of you.

[sorry this was so long]

distracted by shiny objects said...

I love her.

But again, what dog...?

Rose said...

I hope you get to keep her; house trained is nothing to sniff at. And the landlord did say you could at first. Can't you just forget his/her change of mind/heart? Even though I'm usually a rule follower, sometimes it's better not to be. Besides, you want to move soon, right?

Brenda said...

It does look like it was meant to be Rudee. She seems to be fitting in very nicely. We could all sign a "Plea To Keep Paris" letter to the owner of the home. The owner would not want to disappoint so many of your blogger buddies I am sure.

Kathleen said...

Pretty fun, that blingee, eh?

And Paris look positively dashing in her finery.

Don't Tibetan monks fawn over Shih Tzus. They're temple dogs, right?

Something you're not telling us about a previous life?