Thursday, November 13, 2008

You've Got Mail

It's been amazing to make contact with such diverse people through blogging. Everybody is different and most people are kind. And so clever. Who knew these folks were out there waiting to be heard? Some people write, some are rediscovering themselves, some knit and nurse. There are just so many sites I love to visit and catch up on. I travel all over the world through my blog and make the rounds of my favorite spots daily. Or at least as often as you all post. Laurie's is one of those places and when she wrote about how her mind thrummed, the word clicked in my head. I recalled a pattern for thrummed mittens and set out to make some. So far, hers are the only pair I've made. There will be more. I think they're perfect for our cold winters. Rachel always loses mittens so, I'll make hers with an attached i-cord and loop through the sleeves of her coat.

Last week, the mailman came and delivered a familiar looking package. It was from Laurie over at 3 Dog Blog and contained one of her calenders that she sells on Cafe Press. It was in thanks for the thrummed mittens I knit for her. I was so happy to open this. Duke? Meh. He looks a bit indifferent, but I think it's that he is camera shy. He doesn't like the flash much. Still, I think he is smiling just a bit. Too bad Dukealicious doesn't like the camera as much as Laurie's dogs seem to do. They're incredibly photogenic. I needed a calender for 2009 so this one comes in the nick of time. I think it's perfect.

Thank you Laurie, I love it!


laurie said...

my pleasure! and aren't you impressed at how i recycled your pink envelope?

i think duke is gorgeous. but riley would be very afraid of him. riley doens't care for dogs that are much bigger than, say, westies. or shih tzus.

Brenda said...

Very cool! Blogging is really exciting. I have been doing it for almost a year now. So far I have only gotten to talk to one blogger over the phone. I noticed there is something called video chat on google as a new thing. May check that out.
The fact that we can connect so easily to people on the other side of the world is still exciting for me.

Rudee said...

Funny Laurie, I knew exactly who sent me that package as soon as I saw it! I'll recycle it yet again. Duke only barks at 2 dogs: a great dane and that terrier who lives with the farmer behind me. He hates that terrier.

Gill - That British Woman said...

Duke is a fine looking dog, really nice calendar as well.

Gill in Canada

BJ said...

My blogging friends are a part of my life now! I love them all. Through the internet I have found such wonderful friends.

Love the pic of Duke! He is big!!!

Betty Flocken said...

How nice! Love the photo of your dog too. I love all the friends I've made blogging.. Turns out that that "Moron" who made the nasty comments about my daughter... I did a little checking and it does seem she was someone I knew and was married to a relative over 20 years ago. .. LONG story
Gives me back my faith in the blogger world. My computer problem turned out to be um, ME

The Crusty Crone said...

I know what you mean about blogging making the world a smaller place. And so many interesting people who are willing to share a bit of their lives. Its great.

I was sorry to hear that you'll feeling so badly. The one cure that has worked for me in the past is a small bottle of vodka and a gallon or two of orange juice to mix it with. I figure the alcohol dries up the bugs, but it could be all the vitimin c from the orange juice. The one downside is that you should be by yourself so no one sees how silly you look drunk.

Rudee said...

Thank you for the complements on my Dukealicious. I do so adore this gentle giant. I wish I could fix his hips and do away with his pain.

Betty, I'm so glad you figured out who the ugly snake was. Maybe you can find a way to bar her from visiting your site. What a snake.

Rudee said...

OMG Crusty- what an interesting cure. It wouldn't matter who saw me, my misery has been mocked all week-especially my raw, red and now peeling nose. Family can be so cruel. However, what goes around, comes around!