Monday, November 10, 2008


Pond at Cricket Crossing

It's cold in Detroit. I could see the snow in higher elevations when we approached Detroit last night by air. At street levels, it was rain. This morning, there were fat flakes falling and a little was sticking. I'm not ready for the snow and I'm freezing cold this morning. It seems I also caught a virus on the plane. I hate head colds. I'm working hard to drown it now but that tactic isn't working. Instead, I think I'll just look at more pictures from my weekend. Maybe that will make me feel better.

Can't see the forest for the trees.

There are so many interesting trees to see. Brenda pointed out in the comments that she likes the one I put in my header. So do I. There were also trees we saw that were of different species growing together in one spot. They were either nestled like spoons in a drawer or entwined around each other like lovers.

Cayda Bella is a bit over a year old. We first met her while having brunch at a local bistro. She is a charming boxer who slobbers, snores and has the cutest little underbite. She owns the forest on Taylor's Mountain. Just don't tell those Australian Shepherds or the deer. They didn't get that memo.

A Fungus Amongus

This was a mushroom growing on a downed tree. It was quite a climb to reach this spot so I was winded and shaking a bit when I stopped to take this photo. It's the best focused of 3 pictures. This particular fungus is as pretty as a flower. Hey, I think I've seen some patients over the years who had growths on their feet that could compete in this photo essay. At the times I saw those though, I was too grossed out to appreciate that there are all kinds of living creatures that will take advantage of a situation in which to burst forth in glory. Orchids do. So do mushrooms. So do other critters both macro and microscopic.

Though I've yet to see Cricket Crossing in the winter, I think Autumn is my favorite time to be here. The insects are daunting in midsummer. Spring was beautiful but so far, fall is my favorite. It's still warm enough that you don't have to be burdened down with outerwear and the colors are spectacular. I think if we'd been there a week earlier, the colors would have been even more amazing. Still, it was gorgeous. I need one more season to judge before the final vote and I'm thinking this could be better than the beach in February.


Miss 376 said...

Hope you are feeling better soon,this cold virus we have had is really miserable. Those pictures are beautiful enough to cheer anyone up

Wilde Thyme Knits said...

Lovely pictures. Glad you had a good time.

Brenda said...

I sensed how much you enjoyed yourself through the pictures and words. Interesting also about the fungus. We have a lot of that in our back yard, when it stays really wet. It is freezing here also. Winter is coming, ready or not!

distracted by shiny objects said...

Beautiful...I'm presently hiding this from my boxer, Brutus. He would sooooo love to be out there with Miss Cayda, although he did get to see an eight point buck on his mid-morning walk today--and we live in the city. I'd heard it was snowing--had a family from Sandusky(along Lake Erie) who needed to drive down emergently for a family member admitted to our unit. They talked about driving through snow to get down here. My vote is always for the beach in February:>)

BJ said...

I love your header picture. I wanted to tell you that. It is so unusual.....looks like three fingers sticking up.

I'm so glad that you could gt away for the weekend. Just a couple of days like that can really make you feel alive again!!!!

The pictures are great. Have enjoyed them all. That fungus is really pretty though. It does look like a flower.

I hope you are feeling better Rudee. I was hit with something on Friday and it knocked me for a loop. Feeling better today.

Femin Susan said...

All the posts are breathe taking with the photos..Good Luck..