Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Especially In Michigan

A cow named Michigan.  Read this moo cow's story here.

Lake effect snows dump amazing amounts of the white stuff.  I for one am grateful that I dealt with only snow flurries and a few squalls last night.  Parts of the state, the parts near the lakes, got up to 2 feet of snow.  Although happy I'm not shoveling out, part of me is missing what could obviously be a great snow day.

What seems like a hundred years ago now (it was 1985), on a cold February night, it began to snow.  By five o'clock in the morning, I got up with the alarm and got ready for work.  I was watching the morning news while preparing and had no clue what I was in for as far as a commute.  According to the news, things weren't so bad.  When I tried to leave the house though, I couldn't get out the door.  Such is the nature of these lake effect snows.  A front will sit on the lake and use the moisture there to feed the storm (a cold air mass meets warmer water).  The news which was coming out of Detroit, was not reporting our storm 50 miles up the coastal thumb of the mitten.  When I called in to work which was 30 miles west of me and told them I couldn't make it in, I was not believed.  I had to take pictures of the stuff as proof.  You can't exactly drive in two or three feet of snow.  It really is an amazing sight to behold.  Incredibly, when you get just a few miles away from the storm, there is nothing.  It's almost as if someone threw up a dome and only the areas outside the dome get snow.

At that time, I lived across the street from the St. Clair Inn  that is on the shores of the St. Clair River-one of the bodies of water that connects our Great Lakes.  This river connects to Lake Huron.  You don't get much closer to the source of fuel for a lake effect storm than that.  This type of snow is very wet and heavy and piles up so fast and then poof!  The storm gets its fill and leaves.  We spent that day alternating the shoveling chores with sliding running across the street to the Inn to have a hot toddy and thaw out in front of a roaring fire before trying to shovel more.  It's not always the wisest way to shovel but it is the most fun.  Nothing like a little antifreeze to help take the sting out of chores.  I'll admit we spent more time sipping than shoveling.

In case you've never had the pleasure of being snowed in like this, I'm posting a video of what it's like.  Ala George Bush, bring it on Old Man Winter.  I'm ready.

Curiously, I can't get this song out of my head:  Especially In Michigan


Anonymous said...

Living in "the thumb" we were forcasted for 5-9 inches of snow. It was expected to start at 1:00am today. When we awoke the sun was shining and has been all day. Mandy and I went to take our walk at the local mall. As we headed east all you could see was a huge dark cloud moving south. It appeared to be hanging over the lake. We headed down to lake Huron and What a sight, snow was falling in the lake. It almost appeared to be rising up. You can usually see Canada from where we were perched; not today. I wish I brought the camera. All I can say is I'm glad I live on the west side of Lake Huron. The folks in Sarnia are getting dumped on with 9+ inches of snow and less then 6 miles away the sun is shining. Plenty of hot toddies brewing today in Canada today eh!!

Brenda said...

BRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! I am freezing from watching that. Reminds me, we have a fireplace and never use it! We must be lazy. A fire on a cold day is nice.

Winifred said...

I'm so pleased they're not eating that cow. Wonder what they'll do with the hide when it pops its clogs?

Haven't seen much snow for years now. Haven't had to dig the car out or clear the drive for years. SHouldn't say that really, it's tempting fate. Our forecast for tomorrow is 52F and sunny and a low of 50F during the night. Amazing, must be global warming. Pity we don't get warmer summers, some days were colder than that.

Anonymous said...

We get lake effect now here off Lake Ontario. It is amazing how some areas can get 2-3 feet of snow and a few miles away get none. We tend to get dumped on...too much. We have a winter storm warning in effect tonight.
That video brought it all back back to me, what I have to look forward to.
Stay warm. I'm trying to.

Rudee said...

FTM, I'm glad you didn't get snowed in but hope you got the hot toddy anyways.

Brenda, I love fires in the fireplace.

Cheryl, maybe it'll magically miss you!

Winifred, I think that's the coolest looking cow. Can't say I've ever heard the term "pops its clogs before"!

Betty Flocken said...

Oh it's WAY too early to be snowed in! Should I tell you? No.. Well ok.. it's suppose to be 87 here today, record highs..... ducking now