Friday, November 14, 2008

In My Next Life

I think I have a talent for raising money for good deeds. I know I do. Over the years, I've raised a tidy sum for Susan G Komen For the Cure. I also raised quite a bit of money for Huricane Katrina relief. Now, consider that just last Friday, I plied my sister with really good wine and then sold her a cow. A pregnant cow. I bet she didn't see that one coming! By now, she's had time to sober up and reconsider. She has reconsidered and still wants to buy that cow!

Of course, I did it all with the purpose of supporting my friend, Sister Jeanne and her mission, Cantera Nicaragua. Mareseatoats doesn't know it yet, but for her generosity, she's about to be added to a mighty prayer list that will probably bring her many blessings. I know when I'm on my friend Jeanne's mind because I instantly feel peace through the miles. I believe my friend has a direct line to the big guy upstairs. Lord knows I've been blessed since the very day I met her!

So Mares, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I'm quite certain that your deed is about to brighten the lives of an impoverished Nicaraguan family and with hope and hard work, they'll be able to make a living with your gift. Talk about your community supported agriculture, this is the cat's meow!  It's also a beautiful way to give as it's a gift that keeps on giving.

I'm buying the chickens (5 chickens and a rooster) this year with the hope that next year at this time, I'll have saved enough for a heifer. And in my next life? I want to be a professional charitable fundraiser.

Photo Holstein Cow Looks Down on Camera courtesy of Animal Photos


The Crusty Crone said...

Whoever thought up the idea of buying livestock for those needing it/them was very smart. You know, teaching a man to fish kind of thing.

(speaking of Katrina, did you notice how quickly the government did things for Wall Street compared to what they did (or didn't do) for New Orleans and et al. Actions speak so much louder than words.)

Brenda said...

CC is right on with what she just said. Smart Lady! Thanks for posting this Rudee! I will be donating whatever I can soon.

Sandy said...

don't have time to catch up at all the blogs, but dropping by a "hello"...

take care.

Winifred said...

Those altenative gifts are great. At work we used to buy each other water, goats or chickens instead of those daft secret santa things that you neither want nor need.

I saw a really sad interview last week with a black Americam marine returning home from Basra to New Orleans. He said that his home area was in a worse condition than what he had left in Basra. It's so hard to believe that it hasn't been rebuilt.

Rudee said...

CC, I agree with all of what you say!

Brenda, thank you.

Sandy, hello and may your pc problems go away.

Winifred, I've not heard that story, but it's sad. I believe if the parts of NO not rebuilt were a spot where the privileged lived, it would all be rebuilt.