Sunday, November 2, 2008

Raindrops on Roses

Rainfall at Cricket's Crossing April 2008 (click on the picture to see the fat raindrops and petals falling)

I signed up to do a blogpost per day during the month of November (check the little icon in the corner). It was Mrs. G who posed the question about feeling epic and joining NaBloPoMo. While I'm not feeling truly epic, it shouldn't be too difficult to come up with a post a day. I'm not often at a loss for words. In fact, I talk and argue points with people all the time. I should have been a lawyer. Instead, I've used my gift for gab to be a hospice nurse. If I'd shut up at work, I'm quite certain I wouldn't be dealing with epic starts of care. Everyone else tells me they can do one in 2 hours. Ha. It takes me 3 and sometimes 4 hours to do a start. Somehow, I believe one shouldn't rush through the start of anything. I believe my patients and their loved ones deserve at least an unhurried beginning at what will be the ultimate of endings.

While driving all over the city yesterday, I started thinking about the things I really like. I don't know why I was thinking this would make a good blogpost. I should have written some of these things down because I can't remember half of them now. I was going to present it as a product review and a peek into the things in life that please me. So, here are a few of the items in the plus column of my life:

Henri Bendel Fig Candle: You can buy this at Bath and Body Works for $26.00. It's my favorite candle with a fresh and soothing scent. It's pricey but worth the amount I paid. As long as I don't forget I lit it and let the thing burn for hours at a time, it'll last quite awhile. Once in a blue moon, you can find these on Ebay dirt cheap. However, these may be candles that "fell" off the back of the truck. Just saying.

Starbucks' Hot Chocolate: Their new caramel and salt hot chocolate drink is amazing. I've really got to stay away from this place with their overpriced and fattening drinks. This drink was heavenly. The chocolate is a bit bitter which offsets the sweet caramel and whipped cream. The salt makes my taste buds dance.

Gas Prices: Gas prices of late make me happy. I filled my tank for less than $30 last night. I could have done even better but the cheapest spot to fill was one in the worst neighborhood. This boon, while I'm sure temporary, makes my mileage reimbursement go a lot further than it did last month. Whew. Maybe I can afford that oil change and tire rotation now.

Falling Behind: I treasure the weekend where I get my hour of sleep back. Lord knows I'm enough of an insomniac-we don't need to be stealing hours away. Speaking of sleep...

...I heart my bed: Yes, my Tempur-Pedic bed has changed my life. I actually sleep through the night without interruption. Prior to buying this bed, I awakened nightly and often more than once, with back spasms. I'd have to stretch to be able to go back to sleep. I'm able to stay awake during the day now since I get quality sleep at night again. This bed was worth the shocking price.

My son and his dog Dukealicious, or more affectionately, my beastie boys.

Dukealicious: This dog continues to entertain me even when he chews through leather leashes. It's been almost 9 years since this sweet dog climbed into the lap of my son and cemented himself in our hearts. He was one of 7 or 8 pups we had to select from. The smart one. He appeared as a leggy little thing-as though he were a hotdog on stilts. I still remember his puppy breath. My mother in law used to rock him in a chair when he was just a wee thing. She wanted to be certain they'd be good friends. When she was sick and in the hospital, I got her a little plaque that said "home is where the dog is." It is indeed. Every single day, this dog uses his powerful snout to open the sliding patio doors whenever he wants in or out. He hasn't learned to close them but since the beginning, this dog has always gotten what he wants: control. I think it's the nature of the dobie beast.

Music: I love almost all music. As I exited my car to do a start of care last night, I was greeted with Mexican music blasting from the house across the street from my patient's home. It made me smile. I asked my patient's son about this and he said they always turn up the volume; it wasn't just a Friday thing. I don't know why that made me happy, but it did. To me, that's zest for life at it's best. This neighborhood was a true melting pot. It was in the heart of Detroit's Mexican Town but had all kinds of residents living there. Everyone was outdoors and sitting on their porches enjoying Halloween trick or treaters and the warm evening. I think they were enjoying the music too. I wonder what kind of treats the music house passed out.

Humor: If you don't have a sense of humor, I believe you're losing out on what makes a human really special. I love to laugh. I like people who are humorous and appreciate this gift as a way to deal with sticky situations. Some poor souls don't have a sense of humor at all. Last night, I pronounced a death in a home setting. The family was laughing and telling stories of the last time they'd dealt with the funeral home. The person who retrieved mom years ago had asked the family to help him push her to his vehicle because he was by himself and couldn't do it alone. As they were assisting this guy, they remembered their mother's last wish was to leave the house foot first. They made the funeral home fellow turn her around so her feet exited the door first. They knew their mom had meant on her feet but still tried to honor her request in a quirky way. Years later, on the somber occasion of their dad's death, they were finding humor in the situation. They planned to make certain he left foot first too.

Yarn: I love good yarns. Both the stringy stuff and good stories. A good yarn is always entertaining. As I write this, I'm waiting for Jimmy Beans Wool to post this month's limited edition Lorna's Laces yarn. While trying to remain loyal to my beloved Lorna's Laces, I found limited edition Schaefer Yarn's Sock the Vote. Four limited edition yarns are available and I bought the Michelle colorway. It's incredibly bright and beautiful and yes, it makes me happy. I thought Sarah was drab and boring in a funereal way with repetitive colors. Cindy was OK but a bit overdone as though working hard to look too youthful. Hillary was way too green-like all the shades of envy. If you want yours, better hurry. Schaefer will stop dying the yarns on Tuesday and then that's it. If you're a sock yarnaholic like me, go ahead, make yourself happy. Now, either Jimmy's didn't sell Sarah, or they sold out. Either way, you can't get Sarah from Jimmy Beans. I'm hoping the country doesn't get her on Tuesday. Just saying.

These were a few of my favorite things. I don't really think often enough about the raindrops on roses. Maybe I should. Maybe we all should. So tell me, what are some of the things that bring you joy?

Schaefer Yarn's Michelle photo from Jimmy Beans Wool. All other photos property of Rudee.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post Rudee! I think we should all take time,more often, to reflect on the raindrops on roses in our lives. I never thought I'd see gas prices on the plus list, but I get it. I also can't picture that beautiful dog as a puppy (being rocked)!

For me, I love Lavender Vanilla Sleep Body Lotion from Bath and Body Works. I leave it on my bedside table, so soothing and healing. I also love this Sephora perfume called Grace. I think the name itself hooked me. My dogs bring me so much happiness at times I feel like my heart will explore! They just give unconditional love....all the time. I love having alone time, time when it is silent and all I have are my own thoughts. I love 600 thread count sheets, I'll never go back to anything less. I love lots of fluffy, soft pillows on my bed and of course a good book. Right now there are so many books in my house just waiting to be read. It makes me smile.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

Miss 376 said...

I love the sound of my children laughing, when something has really tickled them and they laugh until they cry. Always makes me smile

Winifred said...

I love the sound of children laughing, now it's my grandchildren I listen too.

I love looking at the sky, all the shades of blue, the different colours of the clouds and the sun shining through them.

My other love is the sea, whatever the weather. I love seeing different beaches. I've just realised that we nearly always go on holiday near the sea. I have to be near it, I feel claustrophobic when I'm too far away. Probably comes from living on a small island near the coast.

Brenda said...

I think what I would like most right now would be not HAVING to do anything, for at least a week maybe two. I mean things like cleaning, cooking having to be somewhere at a certain time. I could see myself at a beach house somewhere with no responsibilities. None. Ahwww..nice thought.

Anonymous said...

Perfect timing, with the election making everything so tense.

Crisp, cool fall days, leaves turning color, apple crisp in the oven, my dogs, my kids (most of the time!), idling at a red light and seeing the people in the car behind me point and grin at the flower petal tail-light covers on my car.

Betty Flocken said...

Your son is quite handsome. THAT DOG IS A HORSE! I love him!
We don't move time here in AZ. When it's 118 degrees people like the sun going down before 9:00 pm ... I Like being on the same time for the summer, as my kids in CA though. Congrats on your hour! :)

Rudee said...

Brenda, I'm with you on the beach house idea. It sounds perfect.

Everyone here has such great examples of what makes them happy. Most don't cost a thing, do they?

Sandy said...

Nice seeing your son,all relaxing there.

Oh so many cool things in this post.. First thing I remember is I absolutely connected with the idea of "Fig". I have a fig room spray I love. Got it at Pier 1 imports.

I'm doing the art a day thing in November. Seems like November is a month for commitment or something...

Enjoyed your information, newsy, fun post today.

Anonymous said...

You forgot your sweet tooth....Junior mints, York Peppermint Patties, and of course Godiva's...the Big box, with the description of each precious chocolate. Not the calorie & carb description, the ingredient description. That always used to make you smile.

Rudee said...

Sandy-you have to check out the Henri Bendel fig candle then. You'd like it! Bath and Body and White Barn sell them. Of course, Bendel probably does too but then they're all owned by the same company.

Anon-I see I taught you well to appreciate the finer things in life. Who can forget the Teuscher Chocolate truffles loaded with Dom Perignon? Yum. I should order some.