Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You've Got Mail

This is what I like to see in my email:

Subject: Jimmy Beans Wool has shipped you a package!

Thank you for your order! Your backordered Tofutsies is being shipped today & should be in your mailbox shortly.

Thanks again and we hope to hear from you soon,

That is strategy at work for SOCK WARS. Swatching will start as soon as I am in receipt. Here is my swatching strategy (you do swatch, don't you?):

Я брошу на пряже на игле размера одного и свяжу 4 дюйма. После того как рядок purl на стороне вязать, я переключит к игле размера 2 и свяжет 4 дюйма. После другого рядка purl на правой стороне, я переключу к игле размера 3 и повтору 4 дюйма. Then I will wash and dry my swatch and measure my guage.

How do you plan to check your guage? If you'd like to know how I'd do it, better find a Russian friend.   I'd have used French but it's much too common.  You're far less likely to know someone who can read Russian.  I'll never utter my strategy in English.  Further dispatches shall be knitted into my work.  You'll have to read knitting to be able to understand.

M. Defarge

*****Update***** That is Tofutsies in 3 Feet Short (something a warrior doesn't want to be).The color didn't look like this online, it's better.  Pinks, yellows and orange.  They'll look muy bueno with my summer Keens.(orange)  It came in the mail today around 3 so I cast on, knit the cuff.  I've moved on to the leg.  What swatch?  Pffft.  Who needs to swatch?  I wasn't sure about this stuff.  It seemed to fray a bit on the cast on, but after 1 row, it's a dream to knit.  Go git yerself some.  So that ya don't start thinking Jimmy Beans is magical, it's the other skein they sent out today.  This was the first sent out Friday...

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